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DE Science Elementary 5-Minute Prep for Human Body Systems of the Body Excretory System.

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1 DE Science Elementary 5-Minute Prep for Human Body Systems of the Body Excretory System

2 Excretory System – The Big Ideas The excretory system rids the body of waste products. The large intestine, kidneys, bladder, and skin are the major parts of the excretory system. The small intestine absorbs food nutrients. The kidneys filter liquid in the body and excrete waste through the bladder and skin.

3 Excretory System – Prior Knowledge Students will have knowledge of some systems of the body prior to this study. It will help for students to use the FUN- damental to review the Excretory System. It will also help if they are able to: –Explain that the body is made up of systems. –Name some parts of the human body. –Name the steps of the digestive process.

4 Excretory System – Common Misconception All liquid waste is excreted by the urinary system. –Reality: The body gets rid of liquid waste through sweating, breathing, and urination. It gets rid of solid waste through excretion. Everything goes into one big container inside the abdomen, then some of it comes out. –Reality: The digestive and excretory process is very complex staring with digestion in the mouth, a different digestion in the stomach, and still more digestion in the small and large intestines.

5 Excretory System – Using DE Science Content When you close this presentation, you can review the following recommended resources for the Excretory System. Reading Passage: Gotta Go!Gotta Go! Reading Passage: Taking Out the GarbageTaking Out the Garbage eBook: Your Brain: Keeping ConnectedYour Brain: Keeping Connected Video Segment: The Excretory SystemThe Excretory System Use the PowerPoint version of this presentation for hyperlinks to these resources or you can get to them through the browser or search feature.

6 Excretory System – Instructional Ideas Place students into groups of three. –Assign each student to read one of the reading passages. –Then, ask group members to compare how their articles are similar and different by creating a chart on paper. –Finally, lead a class discussion about the similarities and differences. How long is the small intestine? –Ask students this question and record their suggestions together somewhere visible. –Then, watch the video segment, Small Intestine.Small Intestine –At the end, show students a piece of yarn, string or a tape measure measured between 16-19 feet and compare this with the students suggestions. –Discuss the function of the small intestine.

7 State Standards: If you wish to review your state standards regarding the Excretory System, click here to get to the curriculum standards search feature of DES. You can click on any standard to see what resources are available to teach it. Additional Information: For additional content, check the Extend section within the concept.

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