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“5-Minute Prep” For Human Body

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1 “5-Minute Prep” For Human Body
DE Science Elementary “5-Minute Prep” For Human Body Systems of the Body Skeletal System

2 Skeletal System – The Big Ideas
The skeletal system holds up the body and protects internal organs. The skull, vertebrae, hips, ribs, arms, legs, hands, and feet are major bones. Cartilage and muscle connect bones.

3 Skeletal System – Prior Knowledge
Students will have knowledge of some systems of the body prior to this study. It will help for students to use the FUN-damental, Building A Body, to review the Skeletal System. It will also help if they are able to: Explain that the body is made up of systems. Name a few bones in the body.

4 Skeletal System – Common Misconceptions
The funny bone is a bone in your arm. Reality: The sensation that one gets when they hit their “funny bone” is actually the sensation caused by hitting the ulnar nerve which runs through a bone called the ulna, one of two bones in the forearm. Bones are not living structures. Reality: The bone marrow is critical for production of both red and white blood cells. Even maintenance of bone structure is a dynamic process; the action of specialized cells called osteoblasts to form new bone is counterbalanced by other cells, osteoclasts, which break down bone through resorption. As people age, bone resorption predominates over bone formation.

5 Skeletal System – Using DE Science Content
When you close this presentation, you can review the following recommended resources for the Skeletal System. Reading Passage: Move Those Bones Reading Passage: Your Living Bones eBook: Your Skeleton – Hard at Work! Video Segment: Skeletal System Use the PowerPoint version of this presentation for hyperlinks to these resources or you can get to them through the browser or search feature.

6 Skeletal System – Instructional Ideas
Place students into pairs and assign one student to read the Reading Passage, Your Living Bones. Assign the other student to read the Reading Passage, Move Those Bones. Ask students to share the details from their passages with one another and create a chart of similarities and differences between the two passages. Share the charts as a class.

7 Skeletal System – Instructional Ideas
Watch the Video Segment, Skeletal System. Place students into pairs. Ask students to take turns laying flat on pieces of large poster paper while another student traces the outline of their body. Then, ask students to draw and label the bones of their bodies inside the outline. Have pictures from books available for additional reference. Share the drawings and hang them around the room for the duration of the study.

8 Additional Information:
State Standards: If you wish to review your state standards regarding the Skeletal System, click here to get to the curriculum standards search feature of DES. You can click on any standard to see what resources are available to teach it. Additional Information: For additional content, check the Extend section within the concept.

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