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Georgia’s Founding SS8H2a: The students will understand the importance of James Oglethorpe, charter of 1732, reasons for settlement, Tomochichi, Mary.

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1 Georgia’s Founding SS8H2a: The students will understand the importance of James Oglethorpe, charter of 1732, reasons for settlement, Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, and the city of Savannah

2 Bell Work Define the following vocabulary words in your journal:
Proprietor Royal Colony Mercantilism Charter Trustee Militia

3 Weekly Vocabulary Proprietors: an owner
Royal Colony: a colony under the control of the king. Mercantilism: an economic policy in which a country exports more than it imports; colonies were expected to supply raw materials to the mother country. Charter: a legal document that grants special rights and sets up the rules under which something operates Trustee: A person who holds responsibility and acts on behalf of others. Militia: A force of citizen-soldiers

4 Where we left off….. Hernado de Soto set up Spanish missions in Guale (Georgia). Problems arose between the Mississippian Indians in Georgia and the Spanish. Native American’s began to revolt, because they resented the Spanish for trying to end their traditions.

5 The downfall of Spanish missions
The Indian population in Georgia began to decrease rapidly due to disease Indians from South Carolina would raid Georgia villages for Indians to sell them as slaves to new English settlers. STAND UP!

6 English Exploration Queen Elizabeth Sir Walter Raleigh Jamestown

7 Jamestown Experience! Now its your turn to explore the America’s!

8 Carolinas Carolina had two separate areas of settlement.
North was settled by small farmers moving down from VA South was settled by planters from the English sugar colony of Barbados. Set up plantations Eventually both colonies became royal colonies.

9 Bell Work What type of climate does Georgia have?
Arctic B. Temperate C. Tropical D. Desert 2. What river is the natural border between Georgia and South Carolina? Savannah R. B. Chattahoochee C. Ocmulgee Proprietor is another name for _________. Owner B. King C. Prisoner D. Royalty 4. Name two reasons the Spanish missions failed?

10 “The Virginia Company” lyrics
In sixteen hundred seven We sail the open sea For glory, God, and gold And The Virginia Company For the New World is like heaven And we'll all be rich and free Or so we have been told By The Virginia Company For glory, God and gold And The Virginia Company On the beaches of Virginny There's diamonds like debris There's silver rivers flow And gold you pick right off a tree With a nugget for my Winnie And another one for me And all the rest'll go To The Virginia Company It's glory, God and gold And The Virginia Company

11 James Oglethorpe A philanthropist (gives money away to charity) decided to ask King George II for land. He presented three reasons to the king. Credited for the founding of GEORGIA!!!!!

12 Oglethorpe’s friend Robert Castell

13 Bell Work 1. Which Native American culture were the first to create horticulture… Paleo B. Woodland C. Mississippian D. Archaic 2. One way rivers are important to Georgia is: Drinking Water B. Recreation C. Electricity D. All the above 3. Two types of Wetlands are: Swamps and Marshes B. Swamps and Aquifers C. Both A&B 4. One of the reasons the Georgia colony was established was: A. To find gold B. to spread Christianity C. Military Defense D. to take Indian Land

14 1. Charity Georgia would take deserving poor from England.
Georgia would take people who were persecuted for being Protestants, living in Catholic areas, and give them a new start.

15 2. Military Defense Georgia would be a “buffer” between South Carolina and Spanish Florida. Having colonists in Georgia would make it more difficult for Spain to attack South Carolina. South Carolina at the time was a very successful colony and produced a lot of rice.

16 3. Economic Georgia, because of its location, was believed to have ideal conditions to be able to grow plants that England could not grow. Silk (Mulberry trees) Grapes Olives Idea of Mercantilism


18 Bell Work: 9/15/2011 1. ____________ is the founder of Georgia.
A. Hernado de Soto B. Robert Castell C. James Oglethorpe D. George II 2. 44 out of the 114 colonists were __________, because trustees thought they would bring stability to the colony. A. Men B. Children C. Women D. All of the above 3. All males coming to the colony of Georgia had to agree to be apart of the ___________ so Georgia could defend its territory from Spanish Florida? A. Middlemen B. Militia C. Explorers D. Merchants 4. Which religious group would get to come to Georgia based on charity? Protestants B. Catholics C. Jews D. Muslims 5. How many acres of land would colonists get for coming to the colony of Georgia? B C D. 25

19 Charter of 1732 Class Work: Work Book pg. 39 Textbook pg 191

20 Stand up and name one fact about the Charter of 1732
What did you learn? Stand up and name one fact about the Charter of 1732

21 “Most delightful Country of the Universe”
Newspapers in London sold the idea of a land with mild temperatures and rich soils that promised a new life. Trustees gave each male who came to Georgia as a charity colonist 50 acres of land to farm, farming tools, and a year’s supply of food. Each male citizen citizen also had to be prepared to serve in a militia. WHY?

22 Georgia’s Charter Under the rules and regulations of the colony:
The colony belonged to the Crown, so the trustees couldn’t pass any laws unless the king agreed. The trustees were not allowed to own land, hold political office, or be given money for their work. No Catholics, blacks, liquor dealers, and lawyers could become colonists. No Catholics because of the division of the Church of England and the Catholic church No blacks to avoid slavery in the colony No lawyers because they wanted to settle their differences out of court and didn’t think lawyers would allow them to do this.

23 Voyage of Ship Ann Docked in Charleston, SC in 1733

24 Mary Musgrove Oglethorpe knew upon arrival in Charleston he needed to make peace with the Yamacraw Indians. He found an interpreter named Mary Musgrove to help him communicate with the Yamacraw Indians.

25 James Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
Chief Tomochichi led the Yamacraw Indians. After talking with Oglethorpe, Yamacraw allowed Oglethorpe and passengers on the Ship Ann to land on Yamacraw Bluff overlooking the Savannah River.

26 Assignment Create your own “Georgia Colonist Application”
Must have at least 3 to 4 specific questions about the requirements needed to be a Georgia colonist. On the application you need to put a note of who could not even apply to come to the new world On the back of the application write down three facts about the founding of Georgia once the colonists arrived in Charleston, S.C Pages 191, 192, 193

27 Bell Work 9/16 Write the Question and answer.
James Oglethorpe and the Georgia colonists took the voyage to Charles Town, SC on Ship __________. An economic policy in which a country exports more than it imports is called _____________. The women who James Oglethorpe used as an interpreter with the Yamacraw Indians. The chief of the Yamacraw Indians. The Bluff on which the colony of Georgia was founded. One group that was not allowed to go to the Georgia colony. A. Mary Musgrove B. Tomochichi C. Yamacraw Bluff D. Catholics

28 Bell Work 9/20/2011 Pacifist Ally Indentured Servants Malcontents
This week’s standard: Look up the following vocabulary words: SS8H2a: Students will analyze the importance of the City of Savannah SS8H2b: Students will analyze the role of the Slazburgers, the Highland Scotts, the malcontents, the Spanish threat from Florida. Pacifist Ally Indentured Servants Malcontents

29 Vocabulary List Pacifist: believed that any kind of violence or fighting was wrong. Ally: a person, group, or country who joins with another for a common interest. Indentured Servant: a person who sold his or her labor for a period of years in return for passage to the New World and support during the period of servitude. Malcontents: a complainer; one who is not happy with the Georgia colony rules

30 Review

31 City of Savannah Was built based on a pattern that Robert Castell had designed. A city planned around open squares

32 City of Savannah had 24 squares.
Today 22 remain.

33 Layout of Savannah Town Court Five Acre Plots to Farm Wooden Stocks
Courthouse Town Court Colonist Houses Mill and Oven Storehouse Savannah River

34 Bell Work 9/21/2011 1. The oldest known Native American culture in North America was the? Paleo b. Mississippian c. Archaic d. Woodland 2. Why did Hernado de Soto explore much of Georgia in 1540? Large gold deposits c. to build forts and missions To find fountain of youth d. to find a passage to Asia from Europe 3. The first permanent Spanish settlement in the New World was established at? Jamestown b. Los Angeles c. St. Augustine d. Yamacraw 4. Name the founder of the Georgia colony?

35 Female and Male roles in the Georgia Colony

36 Life in the Georgia Colony
Women spent their days: Men spent their days: Clearing land Building small homes Cultivating crops Planting and tending to the family gardens Milked cows and raised chickens Preparing family meals Made and mended clothing Cleaned homes Took care of children

37 Georgia Stories Write down five additional facts about early life in the Georgia Colony.

38 Creative Writing Homework
Pretend you are a colonist in Savannah. Write two journal entries on the life in the colony. Journal entries should be two paragraphs for each entry. (4 to 5 sentences in a paragraph). Your facts need to be stapled to your journal entries. One from the perspective of a female One from the perspective of a male Assignment due on Thursday September 22nd, 2011 Rubric _________ Spelling/Grammar (20 pts) _________ Assignment completed on time (20 pts) _________ 3 female roles are included in the journal entry (30 pts) _________ 2 male roles are included in the journal entry (30 pts)

39 Bell Work 9/22/2011 1. The location of the highest point in Georgia?
Appalachian Mountain B. Brasstown Bald C. Cumberland Plateau 2. ______ is known as the “carpet capital of the world”. Dalton B. Darien C. Macon D. Atlanta 3. This region features the Okefenokee Swamp. Coastal Plains B. Piedmont C. Blue Ridge Mountains 4. The ______ river forms the barrier between Georgia and Alabama. Chattahoochee B. Savannah C. Ocmulgee D. Altamaha 5. Name one way rivers are important to Georgia? 6. Name the chief of the Yamacraw Indian tribes? 7. What is the first city established in Georgia?

40 Group Activity In the Spring of 1734 James Oglethorpe went back to England to report back to the other trustees in England. As Oglethorpe made his return back to Savannah he also brought back with him three new approved laws by the British government for the Georgia colony. *In your groups you will research the three laws that Oglethorpe brought back to Georgia and write them on the paper provided. *Your group will also hold a “town hall” meeting with the members of your group to discuss your opinions on these rules as if you were the colonists who had to follow them.

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