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Southwest Magnet High School and Law Academy

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1 Southwest Magnet High School and Law Academy

2 Mission Statement The mission of the Southwest High School Law Academy is to encourage and inspire students to pursue through respect, honor, discipline and integrity those skills necessary for a career in the legal, law enforcement, government, or justice fields.

3 What is the Law Academy? The Southwest High School Law Academy is an innovative collaboration of Social Studies, CTAE, English, Science and Math Departments to create a career pathway to motivate and prepare High School students for postsecondary education and careers in law, law enforcement, and government. 

4 The Academy introduces students to career-related academic concepts and supports them in completing their educational and career pathway. 

5 The Academy also invites partnerships and two-way communication between students and professionals in law-and-government related careers, both in school and in professional environments, allowing students to learn about career paths firsthand, and community members to have input into educating our youth, our future citizens, and our future workforce.

6 The Media Center houses a complete section of books for the Law Academy

Fire Fighter, EMT, Forestry Service LEGAL Attorney, Judge, Clerk of Courts, Legal Secretary, Resource Specialists, and Law Clerk ENFORCEMENT/ INVESTIGATION- State, Local and National Law Enforcement Agencies, Private Security Agencies, Military Police, Forensics, and etc.

8 Students takes forensic samples to uncover the culprit in a murder scene.

9 School-Based Learning
Law related education integrated with core curriculum School-within-a-school concept High academic standards Hands-on learning Up-to-date technology and equipment Curriculum based on latest legal trends and practices

10 Students participate in Mock Trials and student court.

11 Admission to the Law Academy
Completed Application Score at least 800 on the CRCT* Two favorable Teacher Recommendations An Essay on your interest in Law & Justice An interview with student and parents A signed Acceptance Letter *A lower score does not automatically exclude the student.

12 The Academy Honor Code/Discipline
Based on the principle that students aspiring to serve in the fields of criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, courts, should exhibit the highest levels of personal conduct and integrity. Discipline: Any violation of the student Honor Code or referrals for disciplinary actions may result in the appropriate actions by the administration or director, with the option of dismissal from the academy.

13 Student prepares for Georgia region 10 mock trial competition.

14 Community Resources and Partners
Bibb Board of Education Police Chief Mercer University Law School City of Macon Assistant to the Mayor Macon Bar Association The Bibb Sheriff Department The Macon Police Department The District Attorney’s Office The U. S. Marshall’s Office

15 Law & Justice Pathway Courses
Computer Applications - Introduction to Law and Justice Law, Community Response and Policing Criminal Investigation and Forensics Work Based Learning (Law Internship) Law Electives

16 Students learn proper courtroom procedures and how to use the legal system.

17 Law Academy Electives Constitutional Theory - Student Court
Individual and the Law – Student Court Work Based Learning (Internship)-Required of all Law Academy students during their Senior year.

18 Students assume roles as attorneys and judges as they sharpen their skills in the courtroom.

19 Gifted/Accelerated Law Academy Students
9th 1st semester 2ndsemester 10th 1st Semester 2nd Semester 11th 12th Law & Justice Intro. Amer. Gov Law Community Response & Policing AP World History Criminal Investigations & Forensics Elective Law & Justice Work Release Economics Gifted Accelerated Math I/ 9th Literature (H) Accelerated Math II/ World Literature (H) Accelerated Math III/ AP Language Accelerated Math IV/ English Literature Biology Fine Arts Chemistry Gifted/ Accelerated Physics Gifted/ Accelerated Law Elective Fourth Science Physical Education Computer Application Elective (FL I ) Elective (FL II) US & World Affairs AP US History

20 Accelerated Math I/ 9th Literature
9th First Semester Law and Justice Introduction Accelerated Math I/ 9th Literature Biology Physical Education Accelerated/Gifted/Honors

21 Math/ Computer Applications
9th First Semester Law and Justice Introduction Math/ Computer Applications Physics Physical Education Regular Student

22 Consider a pathway in Law and Justice
Southwest Magnet High School and Law, Government and Justice Academy as your next educational step into an exciting and fulfilling future. You can make a difference in your hometown and the world through this pathway. Southwest High School an excellent choice for your future. Thank You!

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