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Cell Cycle Vocabulary and Notes

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1 Cell Cycle Vocabulary and Notes

2 Centrioles – one of two tiny structures located in the cytoplasm of animal cells near the nuclear envelope. Chromatid – one of two identical “sister” parts of a replicated chromosome.

3 Centromere – area where the chromatids of a chromosome are attached.
Spindle fiber – fanlike microtubule structure that helps separate the chromosomes during mitosis.

4 Sister chromatids – the two parts that make up replicated chromome, which are connected at the centromere Daughter cells –the two new cells produced at the end of cytokinesis

5 Diploid – term used to refer to a cell that contians both sets of homologous chromosomes
Centrosome – the area where the centrioles are located during mitosis


7 Link to cell cycle animation

8 Stages of the Cell Cycle
Interphase (longest part of the cell cycle) G1 (Growth 1) S (Synthesis) - DNA copies G2 (Growth 2) - cell prepares for division M (cell division) – includes mitosis and cytokinesis

9 Interphase (technically not part of mitosis, but it is included in the cell cycle) Cell is in a resting phase, performing cell functions DNA replicates (copies) Organelles double in number, to prepare for division

10 Mitosis nuclear division, number of chromosomes remains the same

11 Phases of Mitosis Prophase Spindle forms
Centrioles move to opposite poles Chromosomes become visible

12 Metaphase Chromosomes line up along the equator

13 Anaphase Centromeres divide Chromatids separate and move to opposite poles

14 Telophase Nuclear membrane forms around each group of chromosomes Chromosomes unwind Cytokinesis begins

15 Cytokinesis The process by which the cytoplasm divides and one cell becomes two individual cells. The process is different in plants and animals

16 Cell Cycle animation

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