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August 9, 2011 Find your seat SILENTLY and begin working on your “Interest Inventory” worksheet. There is a front and a back. No talking!

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1 August 9, 2011 Find your seat SILENTLY and begin working on your “Interest Inventory” worksheet. There is a front and a back. No talking!

2 About me…Mrs. Goshorn Welcome back to school!!
I will be teaching Math this year. This will be my 5th year teaching. I taught in Staunton, VA for two years. At Howard I have taught 8th grade math and language arts.

3 About me…Mrs. Goshorn I have moved A LOT. I have lived in Louisiana; Kentucky; Texas; England; Woodstock, GA; Rome, GA; Pennsylvania; Tennessee; Carrollton, GA; Harrisonburg, VA; and now, Macon.

4 About me… Mrs. Goshorn I went to college in Rome, GA at Berry College!

5 About me…Mrs. Goshorn I am married, and my husband works at Mercer. We have a little boy, Jack, who is one. We have a dog, Lily, and a fish, Cam. We love to play board games and card games.

6 About me…Mrs. Goshorn I am very excited to be your math teacher this year! Lets have a GREAT year!

7 Work Session Today, we will create a circle map about OURSELVES!
Take a Look at my Circle Map!

8 Work Session PURPOSE of a CIRCLE MAP: YOUR TURN: Brainstorming
Defining YOUR TURN: Make a Circle Map about YOU Share with us about who you are, and why you are that way. (Define)

9 Mr. Vickers- Social Studies Ms. Williams- Language Arts
7th Grade Expectations Mrs. Goshorn -Math Mr. Vickers- Social Studies Ms. Williams- Language Arts Mr. Spencer- Science

10 You must be in homeroom by 7:50
Doors to homeroom will close at 7:50 and you must have a pass to get in after 7:50. You are expected to be seated and ready to work at 7:50. ELT will start promptly. Homeroom and ELT assignments are NEVER optional-they are mandatory! You must have a book to read everyday in homeroom! If you do not have a book, I will provide one, but you may not like my choice.

11 Planners/Agendas You must have your own planner to leave the classroom for any reason. If your planner has been lost or stolen, you MUST purchase a new one ($5). NO Planner=NO leaving the classroom. I WILL NOT sign a piece of paper! This begins immediately. Do not ask to leave the room unless you have your planner with you!

12 Restroom Breaks You have 2 scheduled restroom breaks each day-this is enough! 1. During your second period class at an assigned time 2. and after lunch Unless it is an emergency….don’t ask in class!

13 Supplies for your classes
You are required to have: 1. SHARPENED PENCILS(at least 2) NO PENS for MATH 2. PAPER 3. BOOKS (including your AR book) 4. ASSIGNMENTS DUE (Homework) 5. PLANNER *Coming to class unprepared will result in discipline consequences. *You will not be leaving class to go to your locker!

14 Locker Break You have 2 scheduled locker breaks a day-this is enough!
You will not be permitted to visit your locker during any other times. Use your locker breaks wisely and prepare for each class! Morning on your way to Homeroom At the end of the day (last block) LOCK YOUR LOCKER SECURELY EACH TIME! You will lose your locker privileges if you leave your things in classrooms. DO NOT share your combination or locker with ANYONE! If you share you are liable (responsible for whatever is in that locker)! You will not be allowed to have book bags! Ladies no big purses. Locks can be purchased for $5

15 Hallway Behavior Expectations
Move directly to your next classroom silently in a single file line (absolutely no wandering towards restrooms, lockers, water fountains, other clusters, etc.) First we will line up in the classroom…I will call you by row. You MUST be SILENT! Line up silently and in a straight line 3 tiles away from the wall/2 from the lockers-do not touch the walls/lockers Keep your hands and feet to yourself! We will stop at certain spots in the hallway such as at the double doors and ends of a hallway.

16 Lunchroom Expectations
Quiet voices Sit with your class Clean up after yourself Wait to be dismissed

17 Cell Phone Policy “Students shall not carry their personal communication devices in book bags or on their persons during the school day….” Your cell phone must be OFF and secured in your locker.

18 Attendance Policy Students will be given NO MORE than 5 days to make-up work or tests which were missed because of an excused absence. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to arrange to make-up work! Make-up work must be completed!

19 Classroom Rules Make a List of 10 Rules you think help run an effective classroom.

20 CLASSROOM RULES Follow all HMS rules. PAWS
Raise your hand- no blurting out! No food/drink/candy/gum in the classroom Show and earn respect. For the pledge stand with your feet on the floor. During the announcements and moment of silence you must be silent. During homeroom you may read a book or work on homework silently.

21 Discipline Plan 1st offense: Verbal Warning (sign & return yellow slip in 2 minutes) 2nd offense: Isolated Seating/Silent Lunch (Complete and return orange form in 5 minutes) 3rd offense: Time Out in another class, complete red behavior form (write 2 paragraphs) and a phone call home 4th offense: Office Referral (usually ISS) This action is placed in your permanent school record.

22 And… If you accumulate 5+ warning slips in 1 week you will serve silent lunch the entire next week AND we will schedule a conference with you and your parent/guardian.

23 Paw Bucks You must have a perfect week with no discipline slips to receive your 5 weekly PAW BUCKS. You also need to be prepared for class each day and model wonderful behavior. $1 PAW BUCKS will be given throughout the week to students exhibiting behavior that is above and beyond our normal expectations.

24 Math SYLLABUS This is a document that explains what we will be learning this year. It is your job to take it home, read it with your parents, and return it signed tomorrow.

25 MATH SUPPLIES-Write this down!
#2 Pencils (many) Paper Colored pencils Manual (small) pencil sharpener Highlighter Ruler Compass-metal ones Graph Paper 4-Glue sticks 1 ½ inch binder with 4 tabs to be used for MATH ONLY!! (We will set this up together in class)

26 Work Session Today we will create a Circle Map about MATH.
The PURPOSE of a Circle Map is to define and describe. Your Circle Map should include as many math terms, pictures, and ideas as you can think of. I’ll be happy to display exemplary work in my classroom. Please think about things you learned in 6th grade math, and things you hope to learn here.

27 Closing Sit silently while I collect your work.
Prepare yourself to silently line-up for your next class. Syllabus due signed tomorrow! Supplies due Monday (at the LATEST!)!

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