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Oreo Moon Phases.

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1 Oreo Moon Phases

2 Today’s Agenda Opening GPS Standards Challenge Question Pre-lab Discussion Safety Laboratory Procedures Work Session Oreo Moon Phase Lab Closing Post-Lab Discussion

3 Georgia Performance Standard
S6E2a.b. Demonstrate the phases of the moon by showing the alignment of the Earth, moon and sun. Explain the alignment of the Earth, moon, and sun during solar and lunar eclipses.

4 Challenge Question How can I use Oreo Cookies to
model the phases of the moon?

5 Allergic Reactions To Chocolate .
Safety Concerns Allergic Reactions To Chocolate .

6 Materials 7 Oreos for each group of students 1 Plastic spoon
Paper towels or napkins Phases of Moon Oreo Lab Pen Pencil

7 Procedure Figure 2 One member from each group carefully separate the Oreo cookies, making sure one side has all of the frosting and the other side has none. Use your spoon to carefully scrape the frosting from the first cookie making a shape that resembles the cookie in Figure 2. What is the name of this phase?

8 Procedure Figure 2 Continue to create the other moon phases with the remaining cookies. The teacher will provide an Oreo Moon Phase Template to help guide you. Once you are done, have your teacher check your work. Diagram A (page 3)represents the moons orbit around Earth. Use the diagram to match a cookie with each phase of the moon from Diagram B (page 4).

9 Oreo Moon Phases Diagram B Waxing Crescent First Quarter
Waxing Gibbous Full Moon Waning Gibbous Third Quarter Waning Crescent New Moon

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