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Executive Branch of Georgia Government

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1 Executive Branch of Georgia Government

2 GPS SS8CG3 The student will analyze the role of the executive branch in Georgia state government a. Explain the qualifications, term, election, and duties of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor Describe the organization of the executive branch with emphasis on major policy areas of state programs; include education, human resources, public safety, transportation, economic development, and natural resources. Evaluate how the executive branch fulfills its role through state agencies that administer programs and enforce laws.

3 Venn Diagram (Comparing the Governor and Lt. Governor)

4 Qualifications, terms, election, and duties of. the Governor and Lt
Qualifications, terms, election, and duties of the Governor and Lt. Governor Governor Lt. Governor Qualifications 30 years old U.S. citizen for 15 years GA citizen for 6 years U.S. citizen for 15 years Term of Office 4 years May run for and serve a second term Unlimited terms Election Elected by the citizens Runs separately with Lt. Gov. Can be from different political party Runs separately with Gov.

5 Duties of the Georgia Governor
1. Formal Powers->given in state Constitution a. Executive (appoint state officials and enforce laws, commander-in-chief, State of State speech) b. Legislative (sign or veto bills, recommend bills and budgets, calls special session of Assembly) c. Judicial (pardon offenders, appoint fill-in judges) 2. Informal Powers-> (communicate with public, represent state with other states or Federal govt.)

6 Duties of the Lt. Governor
Executive—serves as governor if current governor dies or is too sick Legislative—presides over State Senate Decides on committee memberships Chooses committee chairpersons

7 Venn Diagram (Comparing the President and Governor)

8 How the President and Governor Compare
Similarities Appoints government/state officials Elected to four year term (no more than two consecutive) Commander-in-chief Calls extra legislative sessions Recommends bills and budgets Vetoes or sign bills into law Make treaties with foreign governments Pardons offenders “State of Union (State)” Address Honorary head of political party

9 How the President and Governor Compare
Differences Governor 30 years old; President 35 years old Governor elected by popular vote Governor cannot appoint judges or diplomats Governor and Lt. Governor elected separately Voters elect major (cabinet-level) executive officials

10 State Elected Officials (cabinet-level positions elected by voters)
Commissioner of Agriculture State Attorney General Commissioner of Labor Commissioner of Insurance Public Service Commissioner Secretary of State State School Superintendent

11 Appointed (Statutory) Officials and Boards
Department of Human Resources Department of Natural Resources Department of Juvenile Justice Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Department of Corrections Board of Regents (UGA) Board of Public Safety

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