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Firm, definite, steadfast, tenacious

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1 Firm, definite, steadfast, tenacious
resolute ( adj. ) – strongly determined Examples: She was resolute to pass the test because she studied very hard. LeBron James was very resolute because he wanted to be like Michael Jordan. Chris Paul is resolute when scored 61 points. Kobe Bryant was resolute because he wanted to win the championship. Synonyms: Firm, definite, steadfast, tenacious Antonyms: Irresolute, indecisive, weak

2 Reply angrily, snap, rebuttal
retort (verb) – to reply sharply Examples: After the rude comment the man offered a retort. After he was negated by the critics, he made a retort. Synonyms: Reply angrily, snap, rebuttal Antonyms: Reticent, shy, reserved

3 Admire, respect, worship
revere ( verb ) – to regard with awe Examples: The star struck fan was in revere when she saw Hannah Montana. Synonyms: Admire, respect, worship Antonyms: Despise, hate

4 Authorize, permit, endorse, convince
sanction (verb) – to give permission (noun) – a coercive measure designed to make a person or persons comply Examples: The construction workers had to get a sanction to work on the city pipes. (verb) His sanctions toward his friend got them both in trouble. (noun) Synonyms: Authorize, permit, endorse, convince Antonyms: Veto, go against, rejection

5 sect (noun) – a subgroup of a religion; faction Examples:
Christianity has various sects, such as Baptist and Catholic. Synonyms: cult, division Antonyms:

6 Guard, lookout, sentry, protector
sentinel (noun) – a guard or a watchman Examples: Officer Wheeler is the sentinel for Sprayberry High School. Synonyms: Guard, lookout, sentry, protector Antonyms: Enemy

7 Cynical, dubious, disbelieving, doubting, unconfident
skeptical (adj.) – showing doubt and disbelief Examples: The team was skeptical about winning because their opponents were 10-0. Synonyms: Cynical, dubious, disbelieving, doubting, unconfident Antonyms: Convinced, converted, persuaded

8 Insult, smear, defame, destroy Compliment, praise, flattery
slander (noun) – untruthful spoken attack on someone’s reputation Examples: People have started to slander Britney Spears by calling her a lesbian. People slander each other in order to make them look bad. Synonyms: Insult, smear, defame, destroy Antonyms: Compliment, praise, flattery

9 Seriousness, somberness, solemnity, calm
sobriety (noun) – being quiet or serious Examples: The new student’s sobriety concerned his parents because he did not know anyone at school. The new boy’s sobriety concerned his peers and they befriended him. Synonyms: Seriousness, somberness, solemnity, calm Antonyms: Flippancy, disrespect, levity

10 Conjecture, theory, assumption, thinking
speculation (noun) – the act of thinking about or pondering something Examples: The speculation on his face showed the teacher that he did not know the answer. The expression of speculation on her face showed the police that she was guilty. Synonyms: Conjecture, theory, assumption, thinking Antonyms: Fact, detail

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