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The North Carolina Graduation Project A.C. Reynolds High School 2008-2009.

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1 The North Carolina Graduation Project A.C. Reynolds High School 2008-2009

2 Leigh Conaway, NCGP Trainer English Teacher ACRHS NCGP Community Coordinator

3 Our dedication to the project!

4 SBE Exit Requirements, as of May 2005 Class of 2010 required to successfully complete a Graduation Project Standardized rubrics across NC –Paper of significant length –Product that requires a significant amount of work –Portfolio reflecting the process –Presentation to a panel of community members

5 Goals of the Graduation Project Students will... acquire new knowledge practice Information Literacy skills practice time management apply communication skills solve problems persevere pay attention to detail

6 Four Major Components Paper –Five pages, five sources (minimum) Project –15-20 hours spent outside of class Portfolio –Compilation of all written items Presentation –Five to eight minutes with visual aid All items must be completed in order to pass English IV.

7 The Process Students conference with English IV teachers and librarians. Students propose topics.

8 NCGP Committee meets to evaluate topics. Students either proceed with approved topics or clarify/repropose topics. Once approved, students begin research.

9 Students meet with Mentors and Academic Advisors throughout the semester to complete projects and practical experiences. Students draft research papers, complete projects, and prepare presentations in class and at home.

10 Students practice presentations in front of class.

11 What are your duties tonight? Read the portfolios. Listen to the presentations. Ask questions…they expect them! –Process-based/Experience –Students are not yet experts Provide feedback on evaluation sheets. Let us know if you have suggestions.

12 Tonights Schedule Attend training/dinner in the cafeteria. At 6:00 find your assigned room. –Map in your packet All items needed are in your folders. Presentations begin at 7:00. Shake hands and introduce yourself. Ask questions. Fill out evaluation form (please provide comments).

13 Process, continued After all students have presented, place all evaluation forms in the provided envelope. –Dont forget to fill out the Evaluation of Graduation Project Night.

14 Join us in the Media Center for refreshments!

15 Scoring the Presentations Evaluate the portfolio. Score on the rubric. Listen to presentation. Ask questions at the end. Room Host will provide the speech time. The teachers name is on the spine of the binder. Score each individual area. –Please dont discuss your scores MAKE COMMENTS, PLEASE!!

16 Newest Evaluation Tool Tonight is the first Board Night where we will use the Presentation Rubric adopted by the State of North Carolina. Highlight or circle your choice on white copy. Focus on descriptors for separate areas, using yellow copy as reference for interpretations. Please make comments.


18 More on the Scoring Sheet Descriptors are generalities. There is some flexibility. Just choose the most appropriate description. Please, please, please, make comments. Did I mention that we really need you to make comments?

19 Some information 155 students presenting this semester Four or five presentations per room –Note about PowerPoint rooms: we dont have enough equipment to spread them out among the rooms. Last presentation begins at 8:20 –Do not call your students early if your room runs ahead of schedule. –Send your Room Host to the library (Command Center) if your room is running behind or you have a problem. –Can also use the white phone to call the library (251).

20 Things to remember Evaluation Rubric –No total score –No evaluation of project hours Paper and project connection may be broad. Questions for the Q & A should be phrased to encourage the student to feel confident.

21 In reference to past feedback: Students are encouraged to use note cards (or some sort of reference aid) during the presentations. Teachers require 2-3 drafts. If you find typos, that is a reflection of the students attention to detail (or lack of).

22 ACR Graduation Project Personnel Principal –Dr. Regina Lambert Senior Teachers –Kathy Bonyun –Phyllis Cooper –Chris Gilbert –Richard Hayward –Sam Summers –Suzi Pruett NCGP Coordinator -Kelli Self Community Coordinator –Leigh Conaway Scheduling/Tech. –Allen Kromer

23 Thanks ACR PTSO –Food donations (Corner Kitchen/Outback) AB-Tech Pepsi Drinkin Beanz A. C. Reynolds JROTC Parents and students for refreshments A. C. Reynolds Custodial Staff YOU!

24 Any Questions?

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