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The Earth and the Moon.

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1 The Earth and the Moon

2 I) Formation of the Moon
A giant Asteroid (the size of Mars) slammed into Earth about 4.5 billion years ago kicking up debris that formed the Moon

3 II) Moon’s Orbit How does the moon stay in its orbit around Earth?
Gravity – Keeps the Moon from flying off into space Inertia – keeps the Moon going

4 III) Earth’s Rotation Day & Night 1) Earth rotates around its axis
2) axis – imaginary line that runs through the North and South Pole 3) 1 rotation = 24 hours 4) # of daylight hours changes throughout the year because Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees

5 IV) Earth’s revolution
B) A year on Earth 1) Earth’s revolution around the sun 2) = days 3) Leap Year – every 4th year we have to add a day to our year because of the extra 0.26 of a day (Feb. 29)


7 V) Seasons on earth Due to Earth’s tilt and its revolution around the sun (not the distance from the sun Whichever hemisphere is leaning into the sun is experiencing summer (it receives more direct sunlight)


9 VI) Earth’s Tides

10 Tides are a result of the Moon’s gravity pulling on Earth’s water

11 B) The side facing the moon and the opposite side is experiencing high tide

12 C) Special Tides 1) Spring tides – especially high and especially low tides - the Sun, Moon, & Earth are in line (New Moon & Full Moon) 2) Neap tides – mild high and mild low tides -when the sun and Moon are at right angles to the Earth (First Quarter & Last Quarter Moons)

13 VII) Lunar Cycle A) It takes 28 days for the Moon to orbit the earth (a month) B) The Moon moves 1/28th of its orbit each day so we see it from a different angle each night

14 VII) Eclipse A) Solar eclipse – when the moon blocks the light from the sun (occurs only during a New Moon)

15 VII) Eclipse (cont.) B) Lunar Eclipse – when the Earth comes between the Sun & Moon, blocking the light that lights up the Moon

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