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Media Center Orientation

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1 Media Center Orientation
Welcome to the Hominy Valley Elementary School Media Center Mrs. Landgrover, Media Coordinator Mrs. Truitt, Media Assistant

2 Manners in the Library By your friendly Hominy Valley Elementary School Librarian, Mrs. Landgrover

3 Entering and Exiting Please enter quietly. Please exit quietly.
This is not the gym! Do not run in or out!

4 During your visit If you did not return your book, you may:
(1) Sit quietly on the sofa and read. (2) Help another friend find a book. (3) Go to the checkers table and quietly play checkers or work on a puzzle. (4) Make a book wish list on Destiny for next time. (5) You may NOT play games on the computer!

5 Checking out You may NOT check out when the librarian or
assistant is not here!! You must form a line and be nice to each other in line. You may not run up to the checkout desk. Once you are checked out, sit quietly and READ! Share your book with a friend, especially one who is not able to get a book.

6 Remember… The library is a quiet, learning
environment, not a playground! Respect those around you because you don’t know if they are testing, reading, or studying. This is YOUR library- take care of it!

7 The Media Center provides:
Books Magazines Curriculum support and research opportunities to classes A Web site to support online research Computers and Technology Digital Cameras, Camcorders-Must be used with teacher supervision.

8 Computer programs available to students:
Microsoft Office (NOT Works) Excel, PowerPoint, Access Successmaker

9 Be a STAR and READ S earch smartly. T alk quietly. A lways listen.
R espect books and people. R eturn books on time. E verything has a place. A lways share. D on’t disturb others.

10 Media Center Rules Do not run in and out. Be a good listener.
Raise your hand to speak.

11 Other Media Center Rules
Line up at the check in/out desk. Share. Respect the books and your classmates.

12 Sorry. We don’t like bugs
Sorry! We don’t like bugs! Food and drinks are not allowed in the media center!

13 Media Center Rules Remember other students and teachers are in the media center. Do not talk in a loud voice. Please put books you are checking in on the cart at the circulation desk. Mrs. Truitt will shelve them for you.

14 EASY Easy books are fiction books that are easier to read.
They are shelved by the author’s last name. Ada Shelved as E ADA

15 FICTION Means fake or made up. Not True.
Fiction books are alphabetized by the author’s last name. Judy Blume – shelved as FIC BLU

16 NON-FICTION Means not fake. True. Books about real things.
Also fairy tales and folk tales. Shelved by Dewey Decimal number: Subject number and author’s name.

17 Borrowing Books are checked out for 1 week.
K-2 are allowed to check out 1 book. 3-5 are allowed to check out 2 books. Teachers will sometimes request for students to check out more books.

18 Returning Please return items to the book carts located at the Circulation desk

19 Magazines and Periodicals
We provide both pleasure reading & academic magazines located on the periodical stands just inside the front door.

20 Where to go if you need help
Mrs. Landgrover – Media Coordinator Mrs. Truitt- Media Assistant

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