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The Decision Making Process:

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1 The Decision Making Process:
1.00: Analyze ways to manage personal and material resources to achieve goals 1.03: Utilize Decision Making Strategies

2 The Six Steps to the Decision Making Process
Definition: A series of steps to help you make a decision The six steps: State the problem List Alternatives Research alternatives Decide Act Evaluate Examples: Classes Career Making a large purchase Where to live Where to go to college Prioritizing Activities

3 1. Identify! Definition: Examples/Ideas:
Identify the problem or decision you have to make. Examples/Ideas: What classes will I take? What career would I like? What should I do this weekend? How should I spend my money?

4 List the alternatives! Definition: Examples/Ideas:
the different choices you have available Examples/Ideas: List classes your school offers List different careers that interest you List activities offered List things you would like to buy

5 3. Research the Alternatives!
Definition: You listing the different good and bad points to each choice Examples/Ideas: Advantages Disadvantages Trade-offs

6 4. Make a Decision! Definition: Examples/Ideas:
Choosing the best alternative for you Examples/Ideas: Based on your resources, needs, wants, values, and goals

7 5. Act! Definition: Examples/Ideas:
You are committing to your decision Examples/Ideas: Follow your plan to meet your goal Make necessary changes along the way

8 Evaluate the Decision! Definition: Examples/Ideas:
Giving yourself a “grade” Examples/Ideas: Determine your success Think about what you would do differently next time

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