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A Healthy body, a healthy weight

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1 A Healthy body, a healthy weight
Chapter 6

2 What is body image? Lesson 1
Body image is the way you see and imagine your body. Your body image is important because I affects many aspects of your life The better you feel about your body, the more confidence you will have in different activities Your body image is vey important at your age, because your body is changing a lot If you look at this in a positive way, it will make the change in our height and weight a little easier to deal with

3 What is a healthy body image? What is an unhealthy body image?
Accepting and feeling good about your body Being comfortable with your appearances Do not constantly compare themselves to other people they see on TV or in magazines or people in their lives Do not want to change they way they look Has confidence to handle new challenges Feeling uncomfortable with your body Comparing your body to other peoples Feeling like want to change something about your body This is normal, as long it isn’t extreme and taking over your thoughts and actions If extreme, bad health choices might be made

4 Building a healthy body image lesson 2
How can your family and friends affect your body image? How can media affect your body image? How can you affect your body image? Friends and Family- Your friends and Family most likely do not want to hurt your feelings, but may have certain comments about your image. If you feel comfortable about your body, you can take these comments in a positive way instead of negative Media- Media tends to show unrealistic images of men and women. The people the use, are only a very small percentage of people in the world You- You allow yourself to believe you are not good enough. Change that image and it will change they way you look at a lot of things. Look at Table 1 on page 119 for helpful “I” statements



7 Eating disorders lesson 3
Unhealthy Eating Behavior Many people want to look like someone they saw that they think is “better” then them People tend to change their eating habits to the extreme to make themselves thinner or more muscular. Diet pills, unhealthy diet plans, supplements, etc are commonly used to change a body image Fad diets are the most common unhealthy eating behaviors. These diets promise quick results. These unhealthy eating behaviors can affect a teen’s growth, development and ability to learn

8 What is an Eating Disorder?
Over Exercising What is an Eating Disorder? Not only is changing your eating habits to the extreme dangerous, but so is over exercising Regular exercise is healthy, but some people exercise too much Some people over exercise to lose weight and others do it to be a better athlete These people risk getting injured, tend to feel tired all the time and may also feel depressed A disease in which a person has an unhealthy concern with his or her body weight and shape Eating disorders can be caused by many different factors Three factors are low self-esteem, emotional problems, and poor body image Eating disorders are dangerous to a person’s physical and emotional health Some effects are digestive problems, heart failure, depression and anxiety Examples of eating disorders: Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating

9 Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa
An eating disorder that includes self-starvation, an unhealthy body image, and extreme weight loss People who suffer this disease also suffer from low self-esteem Wearing layers of clothes, not eating, eating real low calorie foods are examples of things people do when they have this disease If left untreated, a person with this disease my develop kidney and heart problems In severe cases, a person suffering from anorexia may starve to dealth An eating disorder in which a person eats a large amount of food and then tries to rid their body of the food With this disease, a person tends to eat a lot at on time and they makes oneself vomit A person will suffer from lack of nutrients and the acid that comes up from the stomach when a person vomits eats away at the gums and teeth

10 Giving and Getting Health
Binge Eating Disorder Giving and Getting Health A disease in which a person has difficulty controlling how much he or she eats but does not vomit Usually this disease is caused from depression Usually a person becomes very overweight and even obese Affects of this are high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer Tell a trusted adult Talk to a school nurse, school counselor or even a doctor These eating disorders are a serious matter and very important to your health, so make sure you reach out for help early


12 Managing your weight lesson 4
Your Healthy Weight Range What affects your weight? To determine this, estimate of how much you should weigh depending on your height and our body frame Your BMI (body mass index) is a calculation that can help you find your healthy weight Ask your doctor if you are in your healthy weight range Your heritage plays a part in you height and weight Other factors are; During your teenage years, your body grows very quickly Hormonal changes Different type of foods Your level of physical activity

13 Keeping a healthy weight
Eating Healthy + Physical Activity = Healthy weight Your body uses the food you eat for energy and you use some of this energy to keep your body systems working If you eat more food then your body is using for energy, it will result in weight gain If you eat the same amount that is used, you will maintain your weight If you use more energy then taken in, your will lose weight

14 Why do you eat? Eating Healthfully
Usually people eat when they are hungry, but there are other reasons why we eat also Some other reasons: Nerves Anger Sadness Happiness A family or friends gathering A holiday These reasons sometimes lead to unhealthy eating habits Eating a well-balanced diet is a good way to keep a healthy weight. Some examples of this: Eat plenty of fresh fruits Drink lots of water Eat lean meat, chicken or fish Limit the intake of fried foods Limit the amount of sweets you eat

15 Stay physically active
This does not mean you have to join a sport or the gym Just go and do something that raises you heart rate a little or makes your body work a little at something - Working around the house - gardening - walking - playing with friends - Playing Wii

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