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How Much Money Do I Need To Make?. Monthly Budget.

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1 How Much Money Do I Need To Make?

2 Monthly Budget

3 Housing Apartment--$800.00 Medium House--$1,300.00 Large House--$2,500.00 Extra Large House--$4,000.00 Small House--$1,000.00

4 Utilities Small House/Apartment--$200.00 Medium House--$300.00 Large House--$450.00 Extra Large House--$700.00 (Electricity, Water, Sewer, Trash, Telephone, Heat & A/C)

5 Transportation Fixer-up Car--$100.00 Economy Car--$150.00 Medium Priced Car--$250.00 Nice Truck/SUV--$500.00 Sports Car--$1000.00

6 Gas for Automobile Small/Medium Car--$200.00 Large Car/Truck/SUV--$300.00 Extra Travel add an additional--$80.00 (long commute or trips out of town each weekend)

7 Automobile Insurance Fixer-up Car--$30.00 Economy Car--$75.00 Medium Car--$100.00 Nice Truck/SUV--$200.00 Sports Car--$200.00

8 Car Maintenance Basic Upkeep--$50.00

9 Clothing One outfit a month--$80.00 Dress OK--$200.00 Dress nice--$300.00

10 Entertainment $100.00--Do not go out much (rent a few movies & out to dinner at a moderate restaurant only once a month. $200.00--Go out some (go to the movies, out to dinner a 2-3 times a month) $300.00--Travel some, one nice trip a year, and eat out on a regular basis

11 Children $300.00--For each child

12 Food Bologna & cheese, Peanut Butter & Jelly--$200.00 Normal food--$300.00 Eat out often--$400.00

13 Internet Basic Dial Up--$20.00 High speed--$50.00

14 Cable Basic Cable--$15.00 (local channels only, no movie channels) Digital Cable--$60.00 (with movie, sports, & news channels)

15 Communications Cell phone/450 minutes & 200 text msgs--$45.00 Cell phone/900 minutes & unlimited texting--$80.00 Cell phone/2000 minutes, internet & unlimited texting--$175.00

16 Personal Hygiene Low maintenance--$75.00 Medium maintenance--$150.00 High maintenance--$300.00 Add additional $30.00 a month to join a gym.

17 Health Insurance $200.00 per person. (This is for you, your spouse and each of your children.)

18 Emergency Money Limited preparation--$100.00 Somewhat prepared--$200.00 Well prepared--$300.00

19 Retirement Prepared a little--$100.00 Somewhat prepared--$200.00 Well prepared--$300.00 to $500.00

20 Miscellaneous Low maintenance--$200.00 Medium maintenance--$400.00 High maintenance--$600.00

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