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youshouldprobably writethesedown.

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1 youshouldprobably writethesedown.
poetryterms youshouldprobably writethesedown.

2 assonance the repetition of vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u).
the cat in the hat is fat.

3 alliteration the repetition of consonant sounds.
sally sold sea shells by the sea shore.

4 epic a long, serious poem about a hero ”the odyssey”

5 blank verse unrhymed poem in iambic pentameter
“the ball poem” what is the boy now, who has lost his ball, what, what is he to do? I saw it go merrily bouncing, down the street, and then merrily over there it’s in water!

6 ballad a long poem that can be sung ”gilligan’s island”

7 sonnet 14-lined poem

8 cinquain a 5-lined poem with the following format: Line 1 – 1 noun
Line 2 – 2 words that describe Line 3 – 3 action words Line 4 – 4 feeling words Line 5 – another name for noun

9 shakespearean sonnet 14 lines iambic pentameter rhyme scheme :
abab cdcd efef gg

10 hyperbole an exaggeration there is a million people in the hallway

11 meter the number of syllables in a line i like to eat beans (5)
more than i like candy (6) beans make me smile (5) and sometimes fart (4)

12 acrostic poem a poem that spells something out don’t poop in the floor
or mom will get mad go potty outside!

13 tanka a japanese poem of 5 lines line 1&3 : 5 syllables

14 stanza two or more lines in a poem a poem’s “paragraph” a longing
the longing penetrates the heart deeply the days go by ever so slowly sunrise to sunset there’s only you in my memory heaviness sets in as my eyes become teary. opening the window I see the moon shining brightly illuminating the darkness giving hope to many but no matter how hard I stare at nature’s beauty it just isn’t as magical without you beside me. the alarm rings and birds are chirping noisily a new day and a new beginning it should be but the same yearning occupies my mind so strongly because in my heart the love for you burns eternally. two or more lines in a poem a poem’s “paragraph”

15 epitaph a short poem written on a tombstone bob was here now he’s gone
no need to fear he’s not alone

16 couplet two rhyming lines beans, beans they’re good for your heart,
the more you eat them, the more you fart.

17 shape poem a poem written in the shape of the topic

18 foot two syllables how do i love thee now 6 syllables = 3 feet

19 haiku a 3-lined japanese poem about nature line 2 : 7 syllables

20 refrain the “chorus” or repeat of the poem
so delicious (It's hot, hot) so delicious (I put them boys on rock, rock) so delicious (they wanna slice of what I got) fergalicious (t-t-t-t-t-tasty, tasty)

21 iambic pentameter 10 syllables per line
i love to eat apples and bananas (10)

22 free verse rhymed or unrhymed poetry with no set meter
free-style raps are types of free verse

23 onomatopoeia imitation of sounds buzz, rawr, whap!

24 personification giving non-human things, human characteristics
a talking lion, a whispering wind, a smiling sun

25 limerick 5 lines funny poem rhyme scheme = aabba

26 parody a work that mocks another scary movie

27 italian sonnet a 14-lined poem rhyme scheme = abba abba cde cde

28 imagery symbolic images in a work
light & dark colors symbolize life and death.

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