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Notes 9-1 Viruses.

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1 Notes 9-1 Viruses

2 What is a Virus? Tiny, Non-living particle
Invades a living cell, then multiplies Organism invaded is called a host

3 The Structure of Viruses
All viruses have two basic parts: a protein coat that protects the virus and an inner core made of genetic material. Some viruses are surrounded by an outer membrane envelope.

4 Bacteriophage Virus that infects a bacteria Means “bacteria eater”

5 Active versus hidden viruses
Active viruses enter cell and immediately take over and begin multiplying Hidden viruses hide for a while, possibly years, before it becomes active

6 How Viruses Multiply Active viruses enter cells and immediately begin to multiply, leading to the quick death of the invaded cells.

7 How Viruses Multiply Hidden viruses “hide” for a while inside host cells before becoming active.

8 Common Viral Diseases Flu Cold HIV/ AIDS Herpes Warts Rabies
Chicken Pox

9 Spreading Viral Diseases
Bodily fluids Animal bites Moisture in air contact

10 Treating viral diseases
No cure Some medications can relieve symptoms Need to rest, drink fluids, eat healthy Vaccines help prevent viruses- release chemicals that stimulate the body’s natural defense

11 Comparing Microorganisms

12 Tree man

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