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SENIOR INFORMATION Graduation Eligibility Senior Trip.

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1 SENIOR INFORMATION Graduation Eligibility Senior Trip

2 GRADUATION 2014 Thursday, May 22, 2014 – 6:00 p.m. Courtyard of Enochs High School Six (6) Graduation Ceremony tickets will be available for each senior

3 CAP AND GOWN ORDERS Wednesday, November 20th 10:00 – 2:30 Thursday, November 21st Lunch only Tables will be set up outside the SBO. (All participants in the graduation ceremony must have an EHS cap/gown.)

4 CAP AND GOWN ORDERS Cap and Gown Package $38.50 plus tax and shipping Tassel/Stole only $18.95 Catalogs and order forms will be in your government classes the week of 11/11/13.

5 Eligibility for Seniors : Two Unsatisfactory Citizenship Grades in the 3 rd Quarter will result in loss of privileges for the following activities: Graduation Ceremony Senior Trip Prom All Sports Teams and Campus Clubs All Student Extra-Curricular Activities

6 Reasons for Unsatisfactory Citizenship Grades : 1. *** Excessive Tardies (5 or more = UN) 2. *** Three or more Uncleared Absences 3. Failure to bring necessary materials to class. 4. Failure to regularly turn in assignments. 5. Failure to exercise proper care of school property. 6. Not doing your own work; cheating. 7. Not showing respect for others. 8. Disrupting class.

7 3 rd and 4 th Quarter Ineligibility: 1. Outstanding debts ( ALL DEBTS must be paid before seniors may attend senior activities) 2. Suspensions for serious offences (drugs, alcohol, defiance, fighting, etc.) 3. A Flagrant Violation of the Conduct Code. (ex. assassination game, senior pranks) 4. Seniors who are not on track to graduate will be disqualified from senior activities.

8 Grad Bash One last chance for the senior class to be together Begins at 10:00 pm on the night of graduation at EHS Ends at 5:00 am the following morning Lots of FOOD – dinner, snacks all night (Taco Truck!!) Lots of ACTIVITIES – hypnotist, all night casino, music/dancing (DJ), inflatable games, ping pong, rock wall, bouncin bins… Lots of PRIZES – laptops, iPad, baseball tickets, mini dorm fridge, camera, TV… Cost - $35.00 presale; $40 on day of graduation or at the door.

9 Financial Aid Night November 14, 2013 7:00-8:00 Enochs Multi-Purpose Room Topics Covered: FAFSA, Grants, Loans and Scholarships

10 Senior Trip!


12 Senior Trip May 15 & 16, 2014 Thursday 12:00 pm Leave EHS 4:00 pm Sandwiches in Bakersfield 6:30 pm Arrive at hotel 8:30 pm Leave hotel 9:00 pm Dinner Party at Magic Mountain 11:00 pm Grad Nite Friday 5:00 am leave Grad Nite 5:30 am SLEEP at hotel 10:00 am leave hotel 10:30 am Arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood 5:00 pm Leave Universal Studios 11:00 pm Arrive at EHS THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY.

13 Cost of Senior Trip - $315.00 Trip includes: Transportation Boxed lunch in Bakersfield Hotel Grad Nite Dinner Party (9:00-11:00) Magic Mountain Grad Nite (11:00-5:00) Entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY. All you can eat!!!

14 Payment Schedule Monday, December 2, 2013 $105.00 1 st payment due Friday, February 7, 2014 $105.00 2 nd payment due Friday, March 7, 2014 $105.00 Final payment due NO REFUND REQUESTS accepted after March 7, 2014. Refund requests received before March 7 th are still not guaranteed. All payments are made in the SBO. THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY.

15 (42 Students = 1 bus) 252 Students = 6 buses 294 Students = 7 buses 336 Students = 8 buses 378 Students = 9 buses All buses must be full. Buses will not be reserved unless there are at least 40 students on it. Why is it important to pay on time? THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY.

16 Room Sign-Up Procedure November-March 1. Make payments in the SBO Office. Final payment is due March 7, 2014. 2. Select a total of four people for your room. 3. Sign up for your room with Mrs. Sevick in the Career Center. -Each roommate must sign up in person for their room. -Only students who have paid in-full can select a room. -If a room is not full, we will select the additional roommates. THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY.

17 Bus Sign-Up Procedure 1. Bus sign ups are done by rooms. 2. Once a room is full (4 people), the room can select their bus. 3. All roommates will be on the same bus. (10 rooms fit on a bus) 4. Once your room has signed up for a bus, there will be NO changes. 5. Partial rooms (less than 4 people) will be assigned a bus. 6. Chaperones will be identified in April. THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY.

18 Fundraising Opportunity January 13– 31, 2014 Candy Sale Variety Packs (Snickers, Reeses, M&M Peanut, Kit Kat, Twix) You may NOT sell candy on campus. THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY.

19 Fundraising Opportunity If you decide to sell candy, you must turn in your Candy Sale Contract to Mrs. Sevick no later than Friday, December 6, 2013. You may pick up your first case starting on Monday, January 13, 2014. You can only pick up one case at a time. After you sell your case, turn in your $60.00 to Mrs. Ashworth, in the SBO. O NLY CURRENCY AND CHECKS ACCEPTED – NO COINS!!!! THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY.

20 Handouts Permission Slip/Liability Release Medical Information - GOLD Turn in completed forms with first payment to the SBO by Monday, December 2, 2013. Candy Sale Contract - GREEN Turn in by Friday, December 6, 2013 to Mrs. Sevick in the Career Center. Candy will be ordered before we leave on winter break. THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY.

21 Future Senior Meetings Topics Covered: Graduation Grad Bash Senior Checkout Process Hand out caps/gowns and announcements Senior Trip Itinerary Dress Code Behavior THE SENIOR TRIP IS A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY.

22 $$ Upcoming Expenses $$ November: Cap/Gowns, 11/20-11/21/13 (38.50) December: Sr. Trip payment, 12/02/13 (105.00) Winter Formal, 12/7/13 February: 2 nd Sr. Trip payment, 2/7/14 (105.00) March: Sr. Trip final payment, 3/7/14 (105.00) May: Prom, 5/10/14 Senior Trip, 5/15-5/16/14 Graduation, 5/22/14 Grad Bash, 5/22/14 (35.00-40.00) ALL SENIOR ACTIVITIES ARE VOLUNTARY.

23 Questions? See Mrs. Sevick in the Career Center (This PowerPoint is on the school website under Senior Information.)

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