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Tape #4 Late 50’s-early 60’s.

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1 Tape #4 Late 50’s-early 60’s

2 HULLY GULLY The Olympics (1959)
Example of how one of the staples of pop music has always been the song tailored to, or creating, a dance. R&B group from Los Angeles modeled after another successful California group –The Coasters

3 SIXTEEN CANDLES The Crests (1958)
#2 hit and million seller Doo-wop group from Manhattan included Luther Vandross’s sister Patricia Record came under attack during the Payola scandal – it was charged that Dick Clark played it only 10 times in 4 weeks and it went nowhere – but once he owned it he played it 27 times in less than 3 months and it took off like a rocket.

4 PERSONALITY Lloyd Price (1959)
#2 US hit #1 R&B hit Price’s 4th million selling single Co-writer of song-Singer/song writer/pianist Inducted into Rock &Roll Hall of Fame 1998

5 MISTY Johnny Mathis(1959) #12 Hit Legendary smooth ballad singer
The first “album artist” in the pop/rock field; has remained at the top Overcame an addiction to amphetamines which he started taking to overcome stage fright. People bought his albums not for specific songs, but for his mood his sound created. Gave up a spot on the US Melbourne Olympics high jump team to accept a New York recording contract. MISTY Johnny Mathis(1959)

6 DREAMIN’*** Johnny Burnette(1960)
#11 hit Started playing guitar at 5. Was Golden Gloves Champ of Memphis Wrote some songs for Ricky Nelson Died in a boating accident 1964 age 30

7 YOU’RE SIXTEEN Johnny Burnett(1960)
#8 Hit and million seller Singer, song writer, guitarist from Memphis, Tennessee In a business where many performers started in their teens, Burnette didn’t start his music career till his 20s.

8 COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER Jay & The Americans(1964)
Their best song - hit #3 US Charts vocal group from New York City Started out as a hot new group on the Beatles’ first American tour along with The Chiffons and The Righteous Brothers

9 THE TWIST Chubby Checker(1960,1962)
#1 Hit for 2 weeks, cover version of Hank Ballard’s song started a world-wide dance craze Real name - Ernest Evans Did impersonations of famous singers Dick Clarke’s wife suggested he change his name to Chubby Checker because he resembled a teenage Fats Domino.

10 THE TWIST(Yo Twist!) Fat Boys, with Chubby Checker(1988)
#16 US, #12 Sales, #17 Airplay Rap trio from Brooklyn, NY: Mark “Prince Markie Dee” Morales Darren “The Human Beat Box” Robinson Damon “Kool Rock” Wimbley Group starred in the 1987 movie Disorderlies Also did remake(remix) of Wipeout w/ the Beach Boys

11 YOU TALK TOO MUCH Joe Jones(1960)
#3 one hit wonder New Orleans R&B singer/songwrier/ pianist

12 SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER The Tempos(1959)
#23 hit Pop vocal group from Pittsburgh,PA This was their only hit

13 ALLEY OOP The Hollywood Argyles(1960)
Gary Paxton recorded this #1 hit as a solo artist Since he was still under contract to Brent Records where he recorded as Flip of “Skip & Flip”, he made up the name , Hollywood Argyles. After the song was a hit Paxton assembled a Hollywood Argyles group.

14 ALLEY OOP The Hollywood Argyles(1960)

15 RUNNING BEAR Johnny Preston(1959)
#1 hit for 3 weeks Indian sounds by The Big Bopper and George Jones Written and backing vocal by the Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson)

16 FANNIE MAE Buster Brown(1960)
Real name: Wayman Glasco R&B Singer & harmonica player #38 hit

17 TEEN ANGEL Mark Dinning(1960)
#1 and only hit Written by Mark’s sister, Jeannie

18 BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY The 4 Seasons(1962)
#1 HIT top 100 for 5 weeks and #1 R&B Hit Vocal group from Newark,NJ 1990 Rock & Roll Hall of fame Movie biography Jersey Boys

19 GREASE Frankie Valli

20 WALK LIKE A MAN The 4 Seasons(1963)
#1 hit Top hits Sherry and Big Girls Don’t Cry Frankie Valli later did the song Grease from the movie starring John Travolta Also did ’94 hit December 63(Oh What A Night)

21 MARIANNE*** The Hilltoppers(1957)
#3 Jukebox hit #6 Jockey hit #8 Top 100 #12 Best Seller Vocal group featuring Jimmy Sacca from Bowling Green, KY

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