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Geography review CRCT OVERVIEW.

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1 Geography review CRCT OVERVIEW

2 How has unequal (limited) distribution of water impacted countries in SW Asia?
Countries in the northern part of major rivers (Tigris, Euphrates, Jordan) use up more water than the southern parts of the river. Turkey, in particular, uses dams to trap water for itself leaving other countries at a loss. Problems arise when there is not enough drinking water for people to survive and not enough water for agriculture. Some countries have used expensive techniques such as desalination to create safe drinking water. This could significantly effect a country’s economy and development.

3 How has water pollution impacted agriculture, irrigation, and drinking water in SW Asia?
If water is polluted, agriculture and drinking water will be affected. Crops will not grow, and people will get sick. Fertilizers from crops have polluted rivers making it unusable for drinking and irrigation.

4 Using a map of oil distribution provided in class, how are oil, literacy, and GDP related?
The more oil a country has, the higher GDP and literacy rate of that country.

5 How has water pollution in Africa impacted growth and development of certain regions? How has unequal distribution (limited) water in Africa affected development in certain regions? If water is polluted, this could negatively affect economics. Egypt’s fertile land along the Nile has become polluted with fertilizers making some of the land less suitable for farming. The more water a region has, the more developed it is. Cities grow around water, so there is more economic development and growth

6 How does deforestation impact the soil used for agriculture in Africa?
Africa is undergoing deforestation as many trees are being cut down in the savannah and tropical rain forest. This takes away the nutrients in the soil to make it fertile for farming.

7 How does desertification impact areas of Africa?
Areas near deserts are threatened by desertification due to overuse of the land, deforestation, over grazing, and drought. The Sahel is the most affected by desertification in Africa.

8 What are the causes and effects of pollution on the Yangtze and Ganges Rivers?
Yangtze: Factory pollution; Effects: crops are effected and contaminated drinking water Ganges: Human remains, sewage waste; Effects: contaminated water

9 What are the causes and effects of air pollution (indoor and outdoor) and flooding in China and India? Indoor: biomass fuels (Cooking indoors); Effects: Health problems Outdoor: Cars, Factories, Burning Coal; Effects; Health problems, Climate change; Brown Cloud Flooding: Ganges: Monsoons; Effects: ruins homes and crops Huang He: major floods; Effects: ruins homes, crops, has claimed millions of lives

10 How do the mountains, deserts, and water features of SE Asia affect population?
People live near water not near deserts and mountains.

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