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Which word of the week does this represent?. AP physics.

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1 Which word of the week does this represent?

2 AP physics

3 In: How can we describe, measure and predict motion?

4 Objective To continue to build an understanding of motion vocabulary and equations. Success criteria: Measure each of the motion variables.

5 Word sort As a group, sort the kinematics words in an organized way. Be prepared to explain your organization to the group. How is it organized? Why did you organize it this way? What do the words mean?

6 Words:Definition: Displacement Velocity: Constant Average Instantaneous Acceleration Constant Average Instantaneous

7 Displacement: Change in position Change = Δ Δ = last - first

8 Problem: Sonia walks her dog 5 blocks north, 4 blocks east, 6 blocks south and 4 blocks west. What is her (and her dogs) displacement?

9 Velocity Displacement/time

10 Speed Distance/time

11 Average velocity: Total trip displacement total trip time

12 Constant velocity

13 Instantaneous velocity

14 Problem: During a race, Andra runs with an average velocity of 6.02 m/s to the east. What is Andras displacement after 137 s?

15 Problem: Homer Simpson drives his car with an average velocity of 48 km/h to the east. How long will it take him to drive 144 km on a straight highway?

16 Acceleration Change in velocity per time Δ V/t

17 Constant acceleration

18 Average acceleration

19 Instantaneous acceleration

20 A car goes from 50 m/s to 30 m/s in 4 seconds. What was the average acceleration?

21 Exploration: Motion Using the given materials measure: Displacement Velocity Constant velocity Average velocity Instantaneous velocity Acceleration Constant acceleration Average acceleration Instantaneous acceleration

22 Write up: For each quantity: Name of quantity: (this is the quantity measured) Procedure: (How did you measure this. A diagram is valuable) Calculations :(any needed to find that quantity.)

23 Synthesis Picture I ownI dont understand

24 Out: A policeman stops you for speeding. What quantity is he measuring?

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