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Size and Scale of the Universe January 3-4

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1 Size and Scale of the Universe January 3-4
Physical Science Size and Scale of the Universe January 3-4

2 Notebook set up Table of Contents
#. Date Title-Page – Page Number 1. January 3-4 Size and scale of the universe - 1 1 2 Leave 4 pages (2 sheets) for the table of contents Number each page in the bottom right corner

3 Notebook set up Date: Daily work: IN: Objective: Success Criteria:
Synthesis Picture I own this I still don’t understand this OUT: 5 Daily work: 6

4 In Put the following in order of decreasing magnitudes:
city, universe, house, galaxy, state, solar system, planet, continent,

5 Universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, state, city, house

6 Goals: Objective: understand the size and scale of the universe
Success Criteria: Be able to: describe the size of the universe compare stellar objects based on their relative size

7 Astronomy Study of space
Big Idea: How is mass/energy conserved and transformed in space?

8 What is in each of the following “containers”
Universe- Galaxy- Solar System- Stars, planets, dark matter, elements, energy, galaxies, solar systems, constellations, comets, asteroids

9 Read over the questions, as you watch the video think about the parts that you will need to answer the questions, write yourself some notes to be able to do that without having to pause the video

10 Why is looking at starlight really a look at the past?
If a star ceases to exist when would we know about it? Justify based on your background knowledge and answer above. Why is communication with and travel to other galaxies so difficult? What implications would this have on determining if there is extraterrestrial life?

11 Powers of Ten We jump by a factor of 100 in each frame. This also
shows the context of the Earth in the Universe.

12 The Solar System

13 Our place in the Universe

14 Timeline graphic

15 Synthesis: Something creative…A drawing, a diagram, a question, a sentence that represents your thinking from this class period.

16 I own this: I still don’t understand this:

17 Out: Describe how you would have to send a message to someone in another galaxy? What things would you need to consider and what would make this difficult?

18 Explain the size of the solar system in relation to the Milky Way Galaxy. Explain in terms of the universe. What makes the universe operate the way it does? (why do planets orbit around the sun, why does the Milky Way orbit around itself, what keeps things from crashing into each other, why do they move at all, etc.)

19 Applying Proportions We can compare different scales by using ratios or proportions (comparing fractions) Units on denominator do not have to equal units on the numerator, but comparisons must be set up to be equal. scale (in) = scale (in) actual (ft) actual (ft)

20 Sample Problem If the Earth were the size of a globe, how big would Mercury be? Given information Earth’s diameter= miles Globe’s diameter (scaled Earth)= 12 inches Mercury’s diameter= 3032 miles Find: Scaled Mercury= ???

21 Sample Problem Scaled Mercury (inches) Actual Mercury (miles)
Scaled Earth (inches) = Actual Earth (miles) 12 inches = 8000 miles ? Inches 3032 miles ? = (3032 x 12) / 8000 ? = 4.5 inches

22 Sample Problem #2 If the earth were the size of a globe, how far away would Mercury be? Given information: Earth’s diameter= miles Globe’s diameter (scaled Earth)= 12 inches Mercury’s distance= 57,000,000 miles Find: Scaled Mercury= ???

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