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The Muscular System Chapter 21-3.

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1 The Muscular System Chapter 21-3

2 Science Words Muscle Voluntary muscle Involuntary muscle
Skeletal muscle Tendon Smooth muscle Cardiac muscle

3 Moving the human body Muscles of the body
Muscle-an organ that contracts and gets shorter- this provides the force to move your body parts. Muscles of the body

4 Muscle Control Voluntary muscles- muscles that you are able to control
Examples are leg and arm muscles Involuntary Muscles- you can not move them consciously. They just keep working Examples- heart


6 Types of Muscles-skeletal
Skeletal Muscles-muscles that move bones Attached to bones by tendons Most numerous in the body Look striped or striated Voluntary muscles

7 Types of Muscles-Smooth Muscles
Smooth muscles- nonstriated Involuntary Move the internal organs Contract and relax slowly Example- small intestine

8 Types of Muscles-Cardiac Muscle
Cardiac muscle-found only in the heart Involuntary Striations Contracts about 70 times a minute every day of your life.

9 Types of Muscles Types of muscles

10 How Muscles Work How muscles work
Skeletal muscles-when one muscles contracts- another muscle relaxes Muscles always pull- never pushes Muscles use glucose Produce thermal energy when they contract Muscles that are not exercised become smaller How muscles work

11 Muscles and bones work together
Working together A review

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