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Cell Transport Chpt 3-2.

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1 Cell Transport Chpt 3-2

2 Science Words and Objectives
Diffusion Equilibrium Osmosis Passive Transport Active Transport Endocytosis Excytosis Explain the function of a selectively permeable membrane Describe the process of diffusion and osmosis Compare and contrast passive and active transport- give examples

3 Diffusion Movement of molecules from places where they are crowded together into places where there are fewer of them

4 Equilibrium-not available
Equilibrium-When the substance is spread evenly throughout a space Equilibrium-not available on The internet

5 Osmosis Diffusion of water through a cell membrane
                                                                            Osmosis Diffusion of water through a cell membrane

6 Types of transport There are 2 types- passive and active transport

7 Passive transport- not
The movement of particles across the cell membrane by diffusion is called passive transport- no energy is used to move the materials Passive transport- not Available on internet

8 Active Transport When materials require energy to move through a cell membrane Active transport-not Available on internet

9 Endocytosis The process by which cells transport a large body, such as a large protein molecule, thru a cell membrane into the cytoplasm

10 Exocytosis A process in which a cell moves large molecules out thru the cell membrane

11 References

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