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23/11/11 Music magazine Melissa Mowat. Magazine’s similar to my thoughts.

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1 23/11/11 Music magazine Melissa Mowat

2 Magazine’s similar to my thoughts

3 continued ✤ My idea is to have a big main photo of Beyonce on the front cover. ✤ I’m thinking Beyonce as she is very well known to everyone all over the world. ✤ I like the idea of having the photo in black and white, because it will be a big change to my school magazine and from what i have seen from other magazines this black and white theme works well. ✤ Target audience - young adults - middle aged

4 Name ideas ✤ The music guide ✤ MIX ✤ tunes-list ✤ Juicy beats ✤ stimulating sounds

5 photo ideas

6 Tagline ideas ✤ The know it all about todays music ✤ Know music now ✤ Tune in to today ✤ tomorrows music today

7 Headline ideas ✤ Exclusive inside scoop on what Beyonce’s planning after her pregnancy. ✤ Jay-z and Beyonce.... planning a new album for her comeback??? ✤ “I will love being a mother, as well as a wife, but at the end of the day its all down to my music...” ✤ my music. my life. my family.

8 Audience ✤ R’n’B music is quite popular across young people up to around middle aged people. I think this applies to hip hop music as well. ✤ So in my magazine i’ll include news articles about the latest music news, gossip and photos.

9 Genre ✤ my music magazine genre is based on r’n’b and hip hop for teenagers to middle aged adults. ✤ There are so many artists i could use story’s and front covers on around the world to get people interested.

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