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Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course

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1 Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course
Chapter 6 Section 3 Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course

2 Jefferson Wins Presidential Election
Election of 1800 Thomas Jefferson and John Adams Jefferson wins by 8 electoral votes Aaron Burr (Jefferson’s Running mate) also received 8 electoral college votes and House of Reps had to decide Jefferson wins and Burr becomes his VP Congress passes Twelfth Amendment because of this Separate ballots for President and Vice President

3 The Jefferson Presidency
Replaced Federalist officials with Democratic-Republicans so it would be more evenly balanced Simple gov’t would best suit the needs of the republic Walked to his own inauguration , took off his powdered wig, and wore work clothes to greet visitors Wanted to shrink the government and cut costs Cut size of army, stopped expansion of navy, lowered expenses for government social functions “Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle,” “We are all [Democratic-] Republicans; we are all Federalists.”

4 Southern Dominance of Politics
Jefferson is the first president to take office in Washington, D.C. Federalists start to decline Refused to participate in political campaigns because they didn’t want to appeal to the common people National expansion – settlers mostly voted for Democratic- Republicans because they supported farmers’ needs

5 John Marshall and the Supreme Court
Adams had appointed John Marshall, a Federalist, as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Judiciary Act of increased number of federal judges Adams gave positions to Federalists Called Midnight Judges because they were appointed late on the last day of Adams’ administration Jefferson is outraged, argues that the appointments are invalid because it was not received before Adams left office

6 Marbury v. Madison 1803 William Marbury – midnight judge, never received official papers James Madison – Jefferson’s Secretary of State, was supposed to deliver the papers Marbury sued Judiciary Act of 1789 deemed unconstitutional because it is not listed Decision made principle of judicial review very important Ability of the Supreme Court to declare an act of congress unconstitutional

7 The United States Expands West
The Louisiana Purchase Napoleon asked Spain to return Louisiana Territory, and Jefferson gets nervous Sent James Monroe to purchase the land, but Napoleon already agrees to sell it $15 million Included all the land drained by the western tributaries of the Mississippi River Size of U.S. more than doubled


9 Lewis and Clark Meriwether Lewis led the expedition
Wanted them to collect scientific information about plants and animals along the way Lewis chose William Clark to help him lead their 50 soldiers. Ends up reducing in size, but adding Sacajawea as a guide and interpreter to the Natives Took 2 years and four months

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