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Chemical Changes.

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1 Chemical Changes

2 Chemical Properties Chemical Properties: characteristic of matter that can be observed as it changes to a different type of matter.

3 Chemical Changes Chemical Change: Change in matter in which the substances that make up the matter change into other substances with new physical and chemical properties.

4 Signs of Chemical Change
Formation of Bubbles Change in Odor Color Change Energy Change

5 Chemical Equations Reactants: Present before the reaction (left side of equation) Products: New substances formed during the reaction (right side of equation) Arrow = yields or gives 2H2 + O H2O

6 Rate of Reactions To increase the rate of the reaction:
Increase the temperature Increase the concentration Increase the surface area

7 Law of Conservation of Mass
The total mass before and after a reaction is the same (i.e. Mass is neither lost nor gained).

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