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2009-2010 Test Coordinator Orientation & Training September 3 Barry Farley, Paula Wicker and Stephannie Wiley.

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1 2009-2010 Test Coordinator Orientation & Training September 3 Barry Farley, Paula Wicker and Stephannie Wiley


3 Test Coordinator Webpage Go to Planning, Program Evaluation, and Accountability. Then click on Testing Coordinators.

4 2009-2010 Schedules Lake County Schools Test Calendar Can be found on TC Webpage Latest version date is on the bottom of the calendar on TC Webpage. You will receive notice via email if changes are made Subject to change throughout the year Test Coordinator Schedule of Activities Can be found on TC Webpage Lists dates for trainings, drop offs, pick ups, and testing Latest version date is on the top left corner. You will receive notice via email if changes are made

5 State and District Test Training TestTraining by Who trained at your site Training Contact___ State Tests: FLKRSCurriculum Dept. K Teachers Marie Carlberg FAIRCurriculum Dept. Master Trainer Cathy Caudill FCATTesting Dept. TC and one helper Paula Wicker FAAESE Dept. ESE Teachers Mary Craig CELLA Title Services Dept. ELL Coordinators Pat Hall District Tests: SAT10 Testing Dept. TC Paula Wicker OLSAT Testing Dept. TC Paula Wicker

6 Whats New?? Lake Benchmark Assessments Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading FCAT Spring Retakes- ONLINE!! OLSAT 6 th grade by request only SAT10 Gr. 2-3 Fall- gone

7 Lake Benchmark Assessments Baseline data for DOE Differentiated Accountability Report Online Testing through Edusoft Edusoft Contact Responsible

8 FAIR (Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading) In August, 2009, the Florida Department of Education will make new Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading available to K- 12 public schools free of charge. Developed by the Florida Center for Reading Research in collaboration with Just Read, Florida!, this new assessment system will provide teachers screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring information that is essential to guiding instruction.

9 FAQ for FAIR ?Dept=4&Cat=0 ?Dept=4&Cat=0

10 FAIR Information Required for FLKRS On the back on the FLKRS Student Response Sheet- Make required FAIR info in bubbled before packing and returning

11 2009-2010 Test Coordinator Manual Locate it and Updated on Website Testing Contacts Directions to Testing and Warehouse Description of all District and State Testing Testing Terms Glossary FCAT Checklist/To Do List by Month/Sample Schedules Forms- Order Form/Travel Form Samples of how to grid information on documents How to pack every test

12 Travel The only travel that is reimbursable is training, scheduled pick ups and deliveries TBA Keep track of Travel Form Bring form with you and have Testing personnel initial each visit Document Mileage or use Map Quest and attach to form Turn Travel Form every 90 days, S. Wiley will email you reminders each time

13 Scores for Out of County Students Always send a copy of an OUT OF COUNTY students FCAT scores, SAT and ACT scores, and CPT scores DO NOT send any other scores You may Jack Rabbit or Fax Do not let them accumulate, send them weekly Send both sides of FCAT Writing report Only Copies of Original reports No email with scores

14 Missing Materials Reports Testing will contact you that you are on the list for CELLA, FCAT Search thoroughly for the materials Write letter on school letterhead, include: -School Name and Number -Whether material/s were recovered -If so, what procedure will be followed in future to prevent missing materials -Where were materials located -Who had access to them -If not, what procedures did you use that lead you to believe that the report is in error

15 Edusoft School Test Coordinator Advanced Training September 21 Learning Resource Center (Howey) 12:30-3:30

16 Test Coordinators Responsibilities 1.Serves as the school's contact person with Testing and Evaluation; 2.Coordinates the district testing program in the school; 3.Informs the principal and/or Testing and Evaluation Manager of any problems in the testing program; 4.Shares responsibility with the principal for the school's test program administration, including test security, scheduling, and monitoring;

17 Test Coordinators Responsibilities 5.Attends training sessions for school test coordinators, and trains test administrators as per instructions from Testing and Evaluation; 6.Maintains complete and accurate records of test materials received from and returned to Testing and Evaluation, and accounts for any and all discrepancies; 7.Maintains complete and accurate records of test materials assigned to and returned by test administrators, and holds them accountable for any and all discrepancies; 8.Assures that tests are administered and processed properly;

18 Test Coordinators Responsibilities 9.Assures that test booklets and answer sheets are in good order prior to and after testing, with procedures established for checking materials for torn or missing pages, extra marks, or any abuse; 10.Interprets test results to faculty, parents, and others. 11.Maintains security of all tests and complies with the Florida State Security Rule and Statute and Lake County School Board Policy 12. Ensures a copy of new students FCAT scores are sent to Testing

19 Test Security Florida State Security Statute Every District and State test is secure All test materials should be kept in locked storage when not in use School will be charged for all district tests not returned Tests cannot be sent through Jack Rabbit Never photocopy any District or State Test Have Test Administrators sign ALL tests in and out

20 Ordering Supplemental Materials You do not have to place an initial order on any tests Use the Supplemental Order Form located on TC Webpage You may Jack Rabbit, send electronically, or fax order form Always call before coming out to pick up materials ordered

21 Reimbursement for District Tests Not Returned First you will be notified that you have materials missing You will have one week to locate them or respond If you find them, contact Testing If not, a bill will be sent to the school bookkeeper for reimbursement

22 Packing District Tests Procedures to pack and return every district test are in the TC Manual/on webpage Tests packed improperly will be moved to end of scoring line TC will be asked to return and repack tests properly Make sure demographic information is filled in for every student who is not Pre-Identified- examples are in TC Manual for every test

23 FCAT Develop a plan early- September is not too soon to start Appendix C in TC Manual has month to month activities, FCAT Checklist, and Helpful Hints Keep your Handbook & Calendars handy Contact Testing Office with ANY question/s you have


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