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Costs of College High School Financial Literacy #1.

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1 Costs of College High School Financial Literacy #1

2 Objectives You Can Go to College Video 5 Main Types of College Costs Ways Families Pay for College Learn Costs at Different Colleges Update Postsecondary Plan

3 You Can Go to College Video Write down reasons why students thought they could not go to college Why do these students think you can go to college?

4 5 Main Types of Postsecondary Costs 1.Tuition and Fees 2.Room and Board Must pay for housing & food even if not in college 3.Supplies Average cost around $500 a year (varies by major) 4.Personal Expenses About the same cost as youth not in college Insurance (many students can be on parent’s policy) 5.Transportation Less expensive if attending in-state college

5 How Do Families Pay For College? Financial Aid Grants National and state money to help pay for college costs Scholarships Money students are awarded for skills and accomplishments Work Study Students work at school to lower tuition costs Loans Paying Colleges Directly Savings Family and Student Contribution

6 Paying for College Video Watch the Paying for College videoPaying for College – Pay special attention to the different types of financial aid available to the students – (Note: This is a Arizona State University video but the types of financial aid are available at all colleges)

7 Google: CGI College Costs

8 Select Minnesota

9 Select Anoka Technical College

10 Anoka Tech


12 U of Minnesota, Twin Cities

13 Carleton College

14 Carleton College: Change Family Income

15 Manhattan Community College

16 New York University

17 Update Postsecondary Plan

18 Explore CGI Website Identify Colleges of Interest Learn how much it costs to go to that college Update Postsecondary Plan

19 Classroom Discussion What are your postsecondary institutions of interest? What is the cost of that college?

20 Review 1.Name some main types of college costs – Tuition and Fees, Room and Board, Supplies, Personal Expenses, Transportation 2.Name some ways families pay for college – Grants, Scholarships, Work Study, Loans, Parent and Student Contribution 3.What types of postsecondary institutions usually cost less? – Community and Technical Colleges (2-year colleges)

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