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Positive School Climate

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1 Positive School Climate
Where does it begin?

2 Positive School Climate

3 The Heart of the Matter When confronted with student disruption, do we seek judgment or do we seek to intervene?

4 Teaching students to be productive citizens of the world by molding and shaping behavior and character through detention and in- school suspension.

5 OR.... Teaching students to be productive citizens of the world by molding and shaping behavior and character through explicit instruction, positive relationships, and thoughtful intervention.


7 Why the 3 Pillars? Common Point of Reference Shared Vision Consistency
Unity Direction Purpose

8 Why Do This? If we shift our thinking from “control and power” to intervention and instruction, we can focus on promoting strategies designed to develop QUALITIES OF ADULT MATURITY

9 12 Qualities of Adult Maturity
Delayed gratification - “Id like this right now, but I can wait.” Adaptation – “I don't like it, but I am going to find a way to make it work.” Personal Responsibility - “What do I need to do and what's my part in all of this?” Empathy - “I wonder how I would feel if I looked at this from another person's perspective?” Initiative Independence Insight – (self reflection) Relationships Creativity Humor Sense of morality Discernment

10 Thoughts If we expect students to show responsibility, they must be given opportunities to be responsible.

11 Promoting Opportunities
School Store Exploration/Extension Activities and Classes Study Hall “Lounge” “Give and take” policies 9th grade Advisory Assembly schedule “Fun” Activities

12 Emphasize Positive Student Performance
Improved GPA's Improved Attendance Improved Behavioral Performance By class? By individual? RAK – random, above-expectation acts of kindness or courtesy “On A Roll” Student of the Month Class Competitions

13 Thoughts Our students will not care what you know until they know that you care... We are very good at speaking, but are we as adept at listening? Strive to learn every student by name, greet them, and take time to get to know them. Remember, “because I said so” no longer holds any weight. There have been too many failed role models in their lives.

14 The Challenge Rapidly growing trend:
Peer culture and family values resist the values of learning and education. We are engaged in a serious conflict of values.

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