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SUN SAFETY PRE-TEST Lets Assess What We Know About Sun Safety.

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3 PRE-TEST Lets Assess What We Know About Sun Safety

4 Why Education? 80% of your average lifetime ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure occurs before age 18. occurs before age 18. Unprotected UV exposure can cause SKIN CANCER! cause SKIN CANCER!

5 Skin Cancer Most commonly diagnosed form of cancer! Number diagnosed each year as much as all other cancers combined. Since 1973, new cases 150%, and mortality rates 44%!!!! mortality rates 44%!!!!

6 skin cancer One in five Americans develops in lifetime. in lifetime. One American dies every hour. One American dies every hour. One severe sunburn can double One severe sunburn can double risk of developing. risk of developing. Skin Cancer

7 Melanoma can vary in appearance.






13 What To Do? SLIP SLIP on a long-sleeved shirt SLOP SLOP on sunscreen (SPF 15+) SLAP SLAP on a wide-brimmed hat

14 Answer Key 1.TRUE 2.TRUE 3.TRUE 4.TRUE 5.TRUE 6.TRUE-people using indoor tanning were 2.5 x more likely to develop squamos cell cancer and 1.5 x more likely to develop basal cell cancer than those who did not use these devices 7.TRUE 8.TRUE 9.TRUE 10.TRUE (on avg., roughly 80% of the avg. person;s lifetime UV exposure occurs before the age of 18!

15 Take Control of Your Sun Exposure (7-8 Grades) CURRICULUM

16 Look Young and Stay Healthy- your Choice Grades 9-12 (8 activities) CURRICULUM

17 ACTIVITY A Consequences of UV exposure; Increasing health risk for skin cancer; Concern over potential for harm; Dangers of indoor tanning. Whats the Big Deal?

18 ACTIVITY B Distinguish between myths and facts related to sun exposure. Game Time! Know the Facts or Pay Consequences

19 ACTIVITY C Recognizing growths on the skin that require medical help; Risk factors for skin cancer; People and places where medical help is available. When & Where to Get Help?

20 ACTIVITY D Keep skin healthy when exposed to sun; Purposes for lotions from label info; How to select effective sunscreen; How to use sunscreen appropriately. Slip! Slop! Slap! - Your Protective Gear

21 ACTIVITY E Identify ways to have a tanned appearance without sun exposure. Looking Buff and Brown - Safely

22 ACTIVITY F Steps to take when exposed to the sun; Apply knowledge to analyze case studies and offer advice. Using Your Power to Influence Others

23 ACTIVITY G Assess personal risk for skin damage and skin cancer based on behavior when exposed to UV radiation and use of indoor tanning devices; Develop a plan to stay safe. Assessing Risk and Protecting Yourself

24 ACTIVITY H Advocate for peers to use safety pre- cautions when exposed to the sun and to avoid indoor tanning devices that emit UV rays. Advocate for Sun Safety

25 Scenarios See the scenarios in the packets. What do You Recommend?

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