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Positive Patient ID Solution from Zebra

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1 Positive Patient ID Solution from Zebra

2 Issues in Healthcare Patient Identification is KEY Currently
Hand written wristbands 8.6% of hand written wristband contain incorrect data 5.7% are illegible to some degree No patient identification Audit in UK hospital found that 20% of patients were without a wristband

3 And yet the patient is the key to all treatments………
Hospital Information System (HIS) OR Scheduling System LAB Pharmacy E.R. System Blood Bank Workflow: Process Automation (server based front end applications) Peripheral Devices Patient Typical IT system in hospital

4 But mistakes do happen…..
Adverse events occur in about 10% of NHS admissions 850,000 people per year A quarter are due to medication errors SHOT (Serious Hazards of Transfusions ) 213 incidents of wrong blood being issued Of the 213 incidents there were 344 reported errors In last 5yrs there have been 11 deaths

5 Solution = Positive Patient ID
Track patient at every stage of their treatment Medication administration Blood Administration Sample Management Treatment X-Ray, surgical etc. Non-medical Meal orders, patient billing Medication Treatment Barcoded Patient Wristband Sample ID Blood Products

6 Wristband solution from Zebra
Barcoded patient wristbands Thermal Transfer Z-Band 4000 Direct Thermal NEWZ-Band Direct NEW Z-Band QuickClip Smart Wristbands (13.56Mhz) Barcode printers from Zebra 2824-Z, 2844-Z – ward based solution S600 / Z4M - Admissions Network / Printer Management key Key feature is the introduction of a Direct Thermal wristband material. Zebra have had a TT wristband solution for a few years but the intrduction of a DT solution means that nurses have a ribbon-less solution – the no longer have to spend time loading ribbon into the printer!

7 Z-Band Direct™ Direct Thermal 1-Piece Wristbands ribbon-less printing
Durable image with resistance to alcohols, solvents, water and soaps 1-Piece Wristbands Self adhesive closure with security slits for immediate adhesion and tamper-evidence. Band Colour White, custom colours available

8 Z-Band QuickClip™ Direct Thermal 2-Piece Wristbands
ribbon-less printing 2-Piece Wristbands Secure clip fastening, must be cut to be removed Durable image with resistance to alcohols, solvents, water and soaps Band Colour White, custom colours available Coloured clips option

9 Z-Band 4000 Thermal Transfer 1-Piece resin ribbon required
Latex free, waterproof, smear and abrasion resistant 1-Piece Self adhesive closure Band Colour White, custom colours available

10 Smart Wristbands™ 13.56Mhz RFID bands RFID Solution
RFID enabled printer, R2844-Z Other: RFID readers, antennas (non-Zebra) Benefits over Barcode Can ‘read’ band through bed covers Can store information locally on band Disadvantages over Barcode Cost Limited hardware options

11 The Wristband Family The wristband range is expanding to include adult,child and neo-natal sizes and will include both self-adhesive and clip fastening products.

12 Wristband Competitors
Sato Range of ‘soft’ DT and TT wristbands Clip fastening Advantages over Zebra Soft texture of bands – more comfortable Product in market for more than 1yr Disadvantages over Zebra Large clip size unpopular with endusers Cost: €0.20-€0.30/ band (Zebra €0.15-€0.20/band)

13 Wristband Competitors
PDC ‘Compuband’ range of DT and TT wristbands Clip fastening Advantages over Zebra Well established supplier of handwritten wristbands into healthcare market Extensive network of channel in Europe Disadvantages of Zebra Current Channel in Europe do not understand barcoding printers/ hardware/ supplies

14 Wristband Printers Desktop Printer Range 2”, 4” widths available
Small and Compact Easy to use Connectivity USB, serial, parallel Internal / external Ethernet Zebralink New media guide Option for Wristbands Ensures registration and print quality Media Guides

15 Mid-range Printers For higher volume areas Robust Larger footprint
A&E Admissions Robust Larger footprint Connectivity Serial, Parallel Internal / External Ethernet Zebralink / ZBI

16 Printer Management Printers on every ward = IT nightmare!
Solution = Printer Management from Zebra Network your printers View printer status from your desk Have the printer alert you when there is a problem!

17 Benefits of Patient ID Wristband can have text and barcode (even RFID)
Patient name Patient ID number (to ref EPR) Blood type Allergies Primary physicians Pre-printed colours for visual aids

18 Benefits of Patient ID Risk Reduction
Automation of data entry and verification Error rate for barcode data entry is less than 1 in 3million scans Improved Processes re-designed to include scanning of patients, samples, drugs. Eliminates bad working practices

19 Benefits of Patient ID Cost Savings €€€€
Reduction of errors = reduction of costs to rectify errors Medication errors account for 25% of mistake made average cost per Adverse Drug Event = €2,257 * Study at VA hospital showed 86.2% error reduction using point-of-care scanning for medication More Efficient Carilion Health System reported savings of 2.75hrs per 12-hour nursing shift after starting to use barcodes as part of their medication administration *figures quoted from FDA (Federal Drug Administration)

20 Zebra Positive Patient ID Solution
Accurate identification of patients is the foundation to improved care and medical treatment Track ‘The Patient Journey’ through the hospital Blood Bank Laboratory Medication Administration Radiology Theatre Admissions

21 Thank You Any Questions?

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