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Overview of Filter Optimization Workshop Activities.

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1 Overview of Filter Optimization Workshop Activities

2 After 3.5 hours of classroom instruction, participants will be provided a bag lunch.

3 While eating lunch, participants observe a 32 minute AWWARF training video entitled Filter Surveillance Techniques for Water Utilities, this helps prepare them for the afternoon filter inspection activities.

4 The afternoon session consists of approximately 2.5 hours of hands-on demonstrations within the filter gallery. It starts with observation of an actual filter backwash.

5 Once the filter backwash reaches high rate, participants take the bed expansion measurement with tools provided by the PADEP.

6 One of the tools used during the demonstration training is a filter bed expansion tool.

7 Participants work in groups with assistance from course instructors.

8 After demonstrating filter bed expansion measurements, instructors demonstrate the proper techniques to perform a filter bed inspection, including core sampling of filter media.

9 A filter inspection typically yields 5 filter core samples.

10 Instructors provide participants with an interpretation of the core samples

11 Finally, instructors demonstrate how to bag the samples for lab analysis.

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