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Information Chapter 6- The Duel for North America 1608-1763.

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1 information Chapter 6- The Duel for North America

2 information French Canada Latecomers to the New World Catholics vs. Huguenots Edict of Nantes(1598) Louis XVI

3 information The French Arrive Samuel de Champlain Father of New France Settle Quebec in 1608 Ally of the Huron, enemy of the Iroquois Autocratic government Limited/small population growth

4 information New France Expands Effective traders with Amerindians Great gift-givers British wished to exterminate Spanish wished to subdue

5 information French Gold The Beaver Heavy demand for beaver pelts in Europe Coureurs de bois and voyageurs Social and religious ramifications of beaver trading on Amerindians

6 information Other French Settlers Jesuit missionaries Antoine Cadillac- attempted to keep English out Robert de la Salle- fortified gulf region Mississippi waters needed for French traders

7 information Clash of the Titans King Williams War King Georges War French and Indian War Battle of Fort Duquesne Albany Congress Battle of Quebec

8 information Colonial Tension Growing colonial confidence Lack of colonial promotions Settlers went west of the Appalachians Pontiacs Rebellion Proclamation of 1763

9 information Main Ideas French relationships with Amerindians Involvement of colonists in European wars, both in Europe and the colonies Colonists grow in confidence as Washington and others succeed in European conflicts in the colonies Colonists expand westward as Britain tries to remain in control

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