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Hosted by Ms. Gharda 100 200 400 300 400 Who?What?When? 300 200 400 200 100 500 100 Where?

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2 Hosted by Ms. Gharda

3 Who?What?When? Where?

4 Row 1, Col 1 The name of Holdens little sister (spell it). Who is Phoebe Caulfield?

5 1,2 The name of the woman telling Lockwood the story of the families at Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights. Who is Nelly Dean?

6 1,3 The full name of Mr. ______s Mistress in The Color Purple. Who is Shug Avery?

7 1,4 The full name of Meursaults neighbor who gets him into trouble with the Arab. Who is Raymond Sintes?

8 1,5 Who is Cassio? The name of Othellos lieutenant and both the tool and cause of Iagos desire for revenge.

9 2,1 How Hamlets mother died. What is she drank the poison intended for Hamlet?

10 2,2 One of the pieces of literature that is used as a central allusion in Frankenstein. What is Paradise Lost or Rime of the Ancient Mariner or the myth of Prometheus?

11 2,3 Frankenstein, The Color Purple, and Wuthering Heights are all novels of this form because they have large portions written in the form of letters. What are epistolary novels?

12 2,4 As a story about the journey of a young Man towards self-knowledge, The Catcher in the Rye is part of this novel tradition. What is a bildungsroman?

13 2,5 The reason Maxine relates most to the Ghost story of Tsai Yen. What is they are both artists who learn to communicate between two cultures and languages (Tsai Yen a poet and music composer who lives among the barbarians)?

14 3,1 Where is Ingolstadt University? Where Victor Frankenstein attended university.

15 3,2 What is Belle Reve? The name of the plantation where Stella and Blanche grew up.

16 3,3 Where is Thrushcross Grange? The name of the house where Edgar and Isabella Linton grow up.

17 3,4 Where is France? Laertess destination at the beginning of the play.

18 3, 5 Where is Cyprus? Where Desdemona and Othello go on their honeymoon.

19 4,1 Name that century, literary movement and historical era: Wuthering Heights What is nineteenth-century Victorian realism?

20 4,2 What is eighteenth-century Romanticism? Name that century and literary movement: Frankenstein

21 4,3 You probably shouldnt discuss existentialism on the exam if you have a piece of literature from before this historical event and century. What is the World Wars, early part of the 20 th century?

22 4,4 Date of publication of The Color Purple. What is 1982?

23 4,5 Name that century and historical era: Macbeth What is 17 th -century Renaissance?

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