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Rowland Unified School District (Slides from ETS) CAHSEE 2011-2012 Test Site Coordinator Information.

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1 Rowland Unified School District (Slides from ETS) CAHSEE 2011-2012 Test Site Coordinator Information

2 Test Site Coordinator Responsibilities 2 TSC

3 Before Testing 3 Attend training Send signed Test Security Agreement and Affidavits to district coordinator Read the responsibilities and procedures in the “test site coordinator” section of the DTSCM TSC

4 Before Testing (Continued) 4 Inform parents, students and teachers about the testing schedule Inform teachers about their students’ attendance at the testing session Work with your district coordinator to resolve problems TSC

5 Before Testing (Continued) 5 Organize and supervise all activities necessary to conduct testing at school site Collect signed Test Security Affidavits from all who have access to test materials Control inventory. Use Test Site Security Tracking Form and Inventory Form-Test Site TSC

6 Before Testing (Continued) 6 Sample Test Site Packing List. This form shows all the materials your school site boxes contain. TSC

7 7 Before Testing (Continued) TSC

8 Before Testing (Continued) 8 Receive test materials Conduct an inventory of all materials within 24 hours of receipt Look at sequence numbers written on top of the boxes and make sure all boxes are accounted for Box 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc. TSC

9 9 Follow the checklist for Inventorying Test Materials at the Test Site (page 25 of your manual) Save original boxes for return shipments Contact District Coordinator with additional material requests Before Testing (Continued) TSC

10 Before Testing (Continued) 10 Keep test materials secure (Test booklets, Audio CDs, Answer Documents, etc.) in sealed boxes in a locked storage space at all times when not in use for test administration Test booklets are shrink-wrapped in sets. Do not remove the shrink-wrap until absolutely necessary. TSC

11 Before Testing (Continued) 11 Train test examiners and proctors Include the following: Responsibilities of test examiners and proctors Security of test materials Testing schedules and locations Preparation of test locations for test administration Arrangement for proctors, as required TSC

12 Before Testing (Continued) 12 Train test examiners and proctors (continued) Information about students who have accommodations/modifications in IEP or 504 plan Directions for Administration-Special Test Versions manual Verification of student’s identity Distribution of test materials Assistance with directions Administration of the test TSC

13 Before Testing (Continued) 13 Train test examiners and proctors (continued) Procedures for completing demographic information Completion of score codes Collection of and accounting for test materials Scheduling and procedures for returning test materials to test site coordinator TSC

14 Before Testing (Continued) 14 If district submitted a Pre-ID file, provide the handout from the district coordinator for test examiners during training. TSC

15 Before Testing (Continued) 15 Prepare answer documents One answer document must be submitted for each student testing If using Pre-ID service, prepare blank answer documents for recently enrolled students who have not passed one or both sections VOID documents for students who are no longer enrolled or who were incorrectly included in the Pre-ID file TSC

16 Before Testing (Continued) Prepare and distribute test materials using the Inventory Form-Test Site Materials for Each Test Examiner Number to Include Directions for Administration manual1 per examiner Test booklets1 per student + 1 for examiner Answer documents1 per student + 1 blank No. 2 pencils1 per student + a few extras List of Demographic Fields Required to be Hand-Marked for Schools Participating in the Pre-ID Service 1 copy, if applicable 16 TSC

17 During Testing 17 Monitor the test administration Visit each testing room to make sure administration scripts are being read word-for-word Ensure students have sufficient time to test Ensure proper monitoring of breaks and extended breaks taken during testing, such as lunch TSC

18 During Testing (Continued) 18 Be prepared for emergency situations, restroom passes, etc. Document testing incidents and potential test security breaches If applicable, complete the Test Administration Incident Report Form and/or the Test Security Breach Report Form. Ensure compliance with all examination procedures TSC

19 During Testing (Continued) 19 Administration Reminders:  Scratch paper is not allowed.  Do not allow students to use extra paper to answer their ELA writing tasks.  All responses to math and ELA items, including writing task, must be recorded with No. 2 pencil on a single answer document.  Do not use a pre-ID answer document from one administration for another. TSC

20 During Testing (Continued) 20 Administration Reminders (Continued) Do not use correction fluid on any answer documents. Do not use paper clips, tape, staples, or glue on the answer documents. Do not attach removable “self-stick” notes to the answer documents. TSC

21 During Testing (Continued) 21 Administration Reminders (Continued) Do not disassemble or pull pages out of the multi-page answer document or insert additional pages. If an answer document is damaged, the answers must be transcribed onto a new one and all student demographic fields must be hand-marked. TSC

22 During Testing (Continued) 22 Testing variations: Provide accommodations and/or modifications to eligible students if specified in their IEP or 504 plan Provide identified English learners additional test variations if regularly used in the classroom TSC

23 After Testing 23 Collect all examination materials after each test session Verify that all test materials from test examiners are accounted for Put the scorable answer documents in a secure place between test sessions TSC

24 After Testing (Continued) 24 Prepare answer documents for return Inspect for stray marks If a student has a Pre-ID answer document, check to make sure the fields that were not Pre-ID are filled in. If a student is new or does not have a Pre-ID answer document, all demographic data must be hand- marked. TSC

25 After Testing (Continued) 25 Check answer documents Check that Box 3 Score Code is completed on all scorable answer documents TSC

26 After Testing (Continued) 26 Check Box 26 Accommodations and Modifications Test examiner must grid Box 26 Accommodations and Modifications codes if any were actually used. Test site coordinator’s or designee’s signature is required to confirm that accommodations and/or modifications were offered whether used or not. TSC

27 27 If used, the correct code must be hand-marked on the answer document. After Testing (Continued) TSC

28 After Testing (Continued) 28 Transcribe student answers as required: If any student marks answers anywhere other than in the answer document as a condition of his or her IEP or 504 plan, an authorized person must transfer the answers to the answer document exactly as produced by the student. If a student uses more than one answer document, answers must be transcribed into a single document. Pages from two documents may not be physically combined. TSC

29 After Testing (Continued) 29 VOID an answer document if: The document has been damaged. It is a Pre-ID document for a student who is no longer enrolled in the district. A student has used more than one answer document and the answers have been transcribed onto another that has already been included in the scorable materials. TSC

30 After Testing (Continued) 30 Prepare scorable answer documents for return Locate the large plastic bag labeled “Test Site Coordinator Packet” that contains all your return instructions and labels. Separate and count answer documents by grade. Do not mix scorable and non-scorable materials. TSC

31 After Testing (Continued) 31 Prepare scorable answer documents for return (Continued) Use appropriate SGID for each grade Hand-grid section B: Grade, Number of Answer Documents, Date of Exam Place SGID on top of appropriate grade level documents Wrap each bundle with paper bands provided in groups of 100 Place BLUE Shipping Labels on boxes with scorable answer documents TSC

32 School and Grade Identification (SGID) Sheet 32 SAMPLE CHERRY Grade 10 only CARIBBEAN BLUE Grade 11 only PURPLE Grade 12 only AQUAMARINE Adult education only After Testing (Continued) TSC

33 After Testing (Continued) 33 Prepare nonscorable materials for return Test Site Packing List and Security Tracking Forms Unused SGIDs Test Booklets, including large type and Braille Audio CDs All original copies of transcribed essays Place PINK shipping labels on boxes with non-scorable materials TSC

34 After Testing (Continued) 34 Labeling Boxes Enter school scorable box totals Enter school non-scorable box totals TSC

35 After Testing (Continued) 35 Return materials to your district coordinator Follow specific information from district coordinator and return materials accordingly and appropriately to the district office for consolidation of all test sites’ materials TSC

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