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What Some in Congress Want Legislation Likely in next few years.

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1 What Some in Congress Want Legislation Likely in next few years

2 Current Ideas Circulating as Potentials Federal requirement for internet voter registration– H.R. 1719 Federal voter registration and government responsibility for VR; Federal requirement for Election Day Registration; Federal requirements on how to administer voter information mismatches in VR; Uniform definition of how provisional ballots are to be administered;

3 Current Ideas - Continued Federal requirements on ballot design and layout; Federal requirements on post election audits; Restrictions on challenging eligibility of voters; the continued push to eliminate or restrict use of DREs; Requirements to make absentee mail balloting available to any voter;

4 Require all states to allow no excuse AB or Early Voting Uniform standards for purging voters Mandatory ID requirements Prohibit ID requirements Uniform restoration of Rights for Felons Current Ideas - Continued

5 Shortening of waiting times for voters Paper ballots at all polling locations Poll Worker Training Programs Equitable allocation of voter resources (equipment, pollworkers, polling places, etc.) Statewide Voter Database interoperability with other states

6 Internet Registration – H.R. 1719 Would require online execution and submission of voter registration applications Needs to be tied to a source for, DMV Issues States need authority to access signatures from other agencies

7 Internet Registration – Issues Cont. 15 and 7 day close of books deadlines must be lengthened Effective date of 2014 rather than 2012 or 2016 Voter e-mail addresses not open to public access

8 Federal Voter Registration The thought is that all voters should have the right to vote in Federal elections regardless of where they live – especially for President/VP and US Senate races. States are denying otherwise qualified citizens from participating

9 VR As Government Responsibility Those principally offering this want the Federal government to be responsible for this but many are willing to have states and locals take over the function This is one of those EOs should give consideration: it eliminates most of the abuses of 3 rd party registrations; allows full control by EOs; cannot eliminate totally voter initiated – has to be way to all voters to initiate if government misses them.

10 VR As Government Responsibility Considerations: Cost Factors – New Costs for government According to recent research 95% of voters have drivers license 99% of voters have some form of official government ID – which means it is likely they are in databases where elections can access the information for automatic registration efforts

11 VR As Government Responsibility If government does the function then registration lists can be determined in advance of elections If government does this, EDR may no longer be necessary or makes EDR easier for states employing it. If government does this, should reduce numbers of Provisional Ballots

12 Federal Requirement for EDR From an administrative standpoint is government VR preferable to EDR?

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