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Chapter 1 Lessons 1,2,3 Understanding Health & Wellness - Health & Wellness - Promoting Healthy Lifestyle - Reducing Health Risks.

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1 Chapter 1 Lessons 1,2,3 Understanding Health & Wellness - Health & Wellness - Promoting Healthy Lifestyle - Reducing Health Risks

2 Do Now What does it mean to be healthy? Do you consider yourself healthy?

3 What can impact your health?

4 Health – is the combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social wellbeing. HEALTH CONTINUUMN

5 Health Triangle (p 7) 3 Parts of Health 1)Physical Health – body functions - exercise, food, 2) Mental/Emotional Health- feelings & thoughts - coping, emotions, *spiritual health – deep seated sense of meaning and purpose 3) Social Health – way get along with others - friends, communication Wellness – balance / total health

6 Your Personal Health Triangle

7 Label your paper: My Health Triangle Physical Health 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

8 Statement # 1 I get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

9 Statement # 2 I eat a well balanced diet; trying to include all food groups.

10 Statement # 3 I keep my body, teeth, and hair clean.

11 Statement # 4 I do at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity each day.

12 Statement # 5 I avoid using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

13 Statement # 6 I see a doctor and dentist for regular check ups.

14 Label your paper: Mental Health 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

15 Statement # 1 I generally feel good about myself and accept who I am.

16 Statement # 2 I express my feelings clearly and calmly, even if I am upset or angry.

17 Statement # 3 I accept helpful criticism.

18 Statement # 4 I have at least one activity that I enjoy.

19 Statement # 5 I feel as though people like me and accept me.

20 Statement # 6 I like to learn new information and develop new skills.

21 Label your paper: Social Health 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

22 Statement # 1 I have at least one close friend.

23 Statement # 2 I respect and care for my family.

24 Statement # 3 I know how to disagree with others without getting angry.

25 Statement # 4 I am a good listener.

26 Statement # 5 I get support from others when I need it.

27 Statement # 6 I say “no” when people ask me to do something that is harmful or wrong.

28 Graphing Your Results Add up the number of “yes” answers for each of the three categories. Choose a symbol to represent all of your “yes” answers.

29 Graphing Your Results For example, if you like softball/baseball, you can use:

30 Graphing Your Results Use your symbols to form a Health Triangle to represent your scores. Label each side.

31 Mental (5) Social (5) Physical (3) Graphing Your Results

32 Analyzing Your Results 1.) Does your Health Triangle have equal sides? 2.) In which area(s) are strong? 3.) In which area(s) do you need improvement?

33 Summarizing Your Results Summarizing Your Results What can you do to improve your Health, and balance your triangle? How exactly will you be able to accomplish this? ** TWO sentences for each. **

34 Do Now: What are factors at Cherokee, that you as students, face everyday impacting your health in either a positive or negative way?

35 Influence on your Health Can control and Can’t control 1) Heredity – all the traits that are biological (Good or Bad) 2) Environment – is the sum of your surroundings - physical environment - social environment - culture- customs and behaviors of a group 3)Attitude- way you view situationsAttitude 4) Behavior – how you actBehavior 5) Media & Technology – media – various methods of communicating. Info delivered via technology (radio, tv, internet).gov (professional organizations) Website check health info

36 Write a Protective Factor and Risk Factor For each Influence on your Health 1)Heredity – (+) – Grandparents living to 90 (-) – breast caner in family 2) Environment – (+) good school system (-) poor family life 3)Attitude- (+) positive thing will work out (-) poor attitude 4) Behavior – (+) – exercise (-) drugs 5) Media /Technology (+) new health information (-) negative characters in TV

37 Carousel Activity Break off into 5 groups, one group to each influence. Each group member will write down either a positive or negative factor for each influence

38 Summarizer On a half sheet of paper list the 5 influences Star the ones you can control

39 Think…then share Every day you are faced with some degree of risk. What are some situations you have been in where you had to make a choice

40 Risk Behaviors– actions that threaten your health CDC Risk Behaviors in Teens Tobacco use Alcohol & drugs Sexual behaviors Poor Diet Lack of Physical Activity Behaviors result injury

41 Teen risk taking

42 Reduce Risks 1.More positive health behaviors – good for you 2.Prevention – taking steps to keep something from happening

43 Skits You will be assigned one of the 6 Risk behaviors in teens. As a group you will perform a skit that promotes healthy decisions and avoids risky behaviors. The skit will be two parts. The first part will show the wrong behavior and then the second part will show the healthy decision.

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