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European Conquest and Colonization

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1 European Conquest and Colonization


3 European Conquest Columbus  Tainos = agric. Community
Tainos failed to pay respect to Christian symbols Columbus claims land and takes Indians as Prisoners First settlements are in Hispaniola (Cuba, Puerto Rico) Forced Christianity Took Gold

4 Advantages of the Conquistadors
Conquistador – conqueror Spanish Guns, Canons Metal Armor Horses Disease Aztecs Arrows, spears Leather, cloth armor Lack immunity

5 Aztec Conquest Hernan Cortes – landowner in Cuba
600 men, 16 horses, some cannons Attack Tenochtitlan Malinche – translator Helped arrange alliances

6 Aztec Conquest cont. Moctezuma – Aztec Emperor
Thought Cortes to be Quetzalcoatl Sent presents Spain tries to force Christianity Imprison Moctezuma

7 Massive War Spanish fighting each other Aztecs involved
Spanish forced out of the city Moctezuma is killed 1521-Cortes captures and demolishes Tenochtitlan

8 Conquest of Peru Francisco Pizarro – conquistador of Peru (Incas)
Incan Ruler = Atahualpa Won civil with against brother Pizarro captures Atahualpa after refusal to convert to Christianity Demand Ransom Incas pay and Spanish kill Atahualpa Pizarro is killed by other Spanish group

9 Results of Spanish conquest
Massive Spanish empire Gold & silver mines created Lots of wealth making Spain the greatest power in Europe Many Native Americans convert to Christianity

10 15-2 Spanish/Portuguese Colonization
Council of the Indies Pass laws for the colonies Provinces are governed by viceroys- appointed governors Missionaries push Christianity Close monitoring of Trade Goods only to and from Spain

11 Economy Encomiendas – right to demand tribute from Native Americans
Mines and plantations Bartolome de Las Casas – spoke out against the encomienda system Asked the royal court to end New Laws of the Indies (1542) Forbade the enslavement and abuse of Native Americans Peon – workers forced to labor to pay off debts

12 Class System Peninsulares – Spaniards Creoles – Spanish Americans
Own most of the plantations Mestizos – Native American/ Europeans Mulattoes – African/Europeans

13 Other Europeans Privateers – Pirates Northwest Passage

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