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Read Along Chapter 5 Section5.

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1 Read Along Chapter 5 Section5

2 What are the political, social, and economic problems that arose in the Roman Empire that eventually helped lead to its downfall? Political Turmoil Fighting for the throne 26 emperors in 50 years Only one died of natural causes Economic and Social Sanctions Heavy Taxes Unofficial Slavery

3 Who was Diocletian and what did he try to accomplish
Who was Diocletian and what did he try to accomplish? What policies did he enact? Tried to restore power Divided empire into two He controlled the Rich Eastern Part Maximian was appointed to rule the Western Part Fixed prices to try to control inflation – rapid rise in prices Farmers were required to stay on their land Sons in Father’s foot steps

4 What are the two major contributions of Constantine?
Granted Religious toleration Established a new capital at Byzantium -> Constantinople =

5 Summarize the mass invasions of Europe that led to the eventual downfall of Rome?
Huns – from central Asia, migrate to Europe Overran the Visigoths, Ostrogoths, and other Germanic tribes Invasion causes Rome to give up Britain, France, and Spain Rome is eventually overrun and sacked by the Visigoths Attila attacks most of Europe Odoacer kicks the Roman emperor in the West out of the Throne This marks the historical end of the Roman Empire

6 Reasons for the fall of Rome:
Military Attacks Invasions, military consisted of mercenaries Political Turmoil Lost support of the people b/c it was oppressive and authoritarian Corruption of leaders Civil Wars Division of the Empire during a crucial period Economic Weakness Heavy taxes Reliance on Slaves reduced technological innovation Farmers abandoned land Middle class sank into poverty Population decline from warfare and disease Social Decay Loss of values (Patriotism, discipline, devotion to duty) Upper class quit leading and started spending

7 In your own words, answer the question of 'Did Rome really fall
In your own words, answer the question of 'Did Rome really fall?' Use information from your book and your own knowledge to support your answer. Well????????

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