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Curriculum Overview. THEMES Two Worlds - One Goal Ambassador Bird Forest: Common Ground.

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1 Curriculum Overview

2 THEMES Two Worlds - One Goal Ambassador Bird Forest: Common Ground

3 SCHEMES Passport Travel Journal To Know One - Be One! Independent Projects Photo by Carrol Henderson

4 TIMELINES 6 - 8 Week Unit Fall Unit of 6-8 weeks Spring Unit of 6 -8 weeks School-Year Unit Mirror the timing of Fall & Spring Migration

5 ASSESSMENT National Science Education Standards Student Progress Report Journal Student Portfolio Independent Project Pre & Post Test

6 MAKING YOUR JOB EASIER because… SUPER HUMAN Fact # 1: Teachers are SUPER HUMAN. Plans change Fact # 2: Plans change. It snows in Minnesota. Cars get stuck in snow. Fire drills happen. Kids throw-up. limited budgets Fact # 3: Teachers are not known for triple digit salaries. Schools have limited budgets. Teachers care Fact # 5: Teachers care about their students success. A lot. Family Fact # 4: Teachers have a life beyond the school door. Family. To a point.

7 Making Your Job Easier with... Planning Ahead Classroom Ideas Trivia Tidbits Getting the Word Out

8 TRIVIA TIDBITS Check under your seat for one of three trivia tidbits. Share it with the class. What do all three objects have in common? How can you use trivia tidbits in your classroom?

9 FLYING the ROUTE Setting the Stage: Background 1: Ticket Counter 2: Costa Rica, Coast of Riches 3: Ambassador Between Two Worlds: Baltimore Oriole Bird Basics 4: Feeder Frenzy 5: Migrateering Migration Migraines Avian Olympics Forest Basics 6: Defining a Forest 7: A Forest Through the Trees 8: Forest Products Inventory Minnesota to Costa Rica

10 FLYING the ROUTE Research & Scientific Inquiry # 9: Designing Researchers # 10: Buddy Banding # 11: Intelligent Tinkering Problem Solving & Application # 15: Town Meeting & Tell the World # 16: Baggage Claim Habitat # 12: Habitat Squeeze # 13: Territory Tango # 14: Cowbird Capers Costa Rica to Minnesota

11 Lesson Layout Lesson Layout Overview & Concepts Teacher Background Objectives & Key points Procedure

12 Lesson Layout Discussion, Extensions, Assessment & Homework Lesson Logistics Class Time Subjects Vocabulary Materials Journal Tips

13 Side trips, Supplements, Surfing Side trips Cultural Exchange Balancing Act Forest Imagery Supplement with Resources Where to find volunteers, free materials, and more! Surfing the Web Resources, resources……. wild/obtw_resources.html.

14 One Bird - Two Worlds Curriculum We hope it flies in your classroom! Four CEU Hours Earned CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS!

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