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Welcome to my conference! February 2006 8 th grade Taneal.

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1 Welcome to my conference! February 2006 8 th grade Taneal

2 What was your easiest assignment in Algebra & why? My easiest assignment in Algebra is the newsletters because you tell what you have done for that week. Another assignment is the problem of the day paper where the teacher gives you an equation to start you off in the morning because if you don’t understand it, most of the time she explains it when class starts.

3 What was your hardest Algebra assignment & why? The hardest assignment in algebra is the journal because you usually learn a totally different subject and sometimes there are other subjects and its hard to learn all of it at the same time.

4 What have been your easiest and hardest Social Studies assignments? Describe them. My easiest assignment in social studies is the section review after each section because you can refer back to the section you have read. The hardest assignment in social studies is when we had to do the American Revolution project because their was more than one item to study.

5 In Science and Spanish, what assignment has frustrated you the most? Why? The assignments that has frustrated me the most in science is when we have to write notes and answer questions out of our books. In Spanish the assignment that frustrates me is when we have to do the big packets of all the information we have learned.

6 Do you feel challenged in Language Arts? Why/not? Describe your favorite activity so far. No I don’t feel a challenge in language arts because its interesting and I can understand it well. My favorite activity so far is reading our class book called, Nothing But the Truth and it’s a documentary novel.

7 What stresses you out about school and why? What stresses my about school is how we have a lot of homework and on top of that we get projects. Sometimes I can’t finish my projects because I have different activities outside of school.

8 Pick two specific classes you can improve in, and tell two specific steps you can take to improve. One class I can improve in is social studies by looking over what I don’t understand when I am doing my homework. Another class I can improve in is algebra by again looking over homework and in our journals. I can even start asking more questions to the teacher.

9 How much time do you spend doing homework each night? Describe your routine. The time that I spent on my homework each night is about a hour to a hour in a half. My routine is late because I get home after basketball practice or a game and I try my best to et as much as I can done.

10 What are your test grades like? Tell three specific ways you study. My test grade is pretty good, on my Spanish exam I got a B. The way I studied was taking my Spanish book home, taking notes in class, and actually looking at it.

11 As you prepare to go to high school, what subjects or areas do you feel you need the most improvement? How can your teachers & parents help? Going to high school areas that I need to improve on the most is social studies and time management on projects. During the summer my parents can help me by giving me activities to practice on.

12 Teacher Comment Page Taneal- Your powerpoint is well done, and your responses were well thought out- I appreciate it. Only a few grammatical errors! 28 out of 30 points. I’m glad that you recognize the need to work on time management. I know you tend to work slowly and methodically- skills that will serve you well in the future. However, that can be stressful when you are working on multiple tasks at a time. Try making lists and using a calendar to plan out half hour chunks of time to use for a specific project, and do that time planning as soon as the project is assigned, working backwards from the due date. I should also mention that I appreciate your sunny demeanor day in and day out! You are taking steps to ensure improvement through the planning done in this project. Sra. T.

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