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Mr. Anthis Room 407 Welcome! Please take out Student Information Sheet.

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1 Mr. Anthis Room 407 Welcome! Please take out Student Information Sheet

2 Supplies Must have them every day Binder –3 Dividers –(with plenty of loose leaf paper) Pens (blue or black ink) and Pencils Colored PEN for checking assignments –Preferably red –Not black or yellow –NO HIGHLIGHTERS! Thin black sharpie for map labeling Colored Pencils 1 Spiral Notebook (it will stay in class) Assignment book/planner

3 Two Semester Course Class Work Quizzes Tests Projects Pre-AP Skills

4 Typical Class Period 1. Brief recap of previous day/announcements 2. Grade assignments that are due 3. Notes/Discussion of new topics 4. Group Work/Discussion 5. Individual Work reviewing topics discussed in class

5 Responsibilities of the Student Keep an assignment book Keep papers in proper section of binder Makeup work or notes that you miss Checking the class website Come to tutoring if you want or need clarification on notes/work

6 Contact Information Email: Phone: 281-641-4899 Instagram: @manthistx Email is most efficient method of first contact due to class periods I am out of the classroom.

7 Tutoring Times Tuesday Afternoons 4:05-4:45 Friday Mornings 7:45-8:25 Times will change with each sport season Changes will be alerted and posted on website

8 Class Website –Go to Teacher Websites and click on “Anthis, Michael” Assignments, Notes and Announcements will be posted on the website.

9 Grading Formative: 30% –Class Work –Homework Summative: 70% –Tests –Quizzes –CBAs –Projects

10 Late Work Policy If you do not turn in an assignment, a “Z” will be put into the grade book until it is turned in. If you are absent, an “A” will be put in the grade book until the assignment is turned in. If you don’t turn it in on assigned day, a “Z” will be assigned until you turn it in. Once you have turned in a late assignment, you are expected to attend the next tutoring session to grade your work with me.

11 Late Work Policy 1 Day Late –80% of grade earned 2 Days Late –60% of grade earned 3 Days Late –40% of grade earned 4 Days Late –20% of grade earned 5 Days Late –0 remains in grade book and a recommendation for Saturday Assignment Recovery will be given Parents notification will be made after the 2 nd zero in the grade book, or if a pattern of late work is occurring.

12 Test Days Social Studies testing days are Monday and Wednesday…occasionall y a quiz will be on Friday Talking during a quiz or test, copying another student’s work or allowing someone to copy work will result in a “0” and an office referral will be written

13 Exploration and Colonization

14 Colonial America

15 Independence and the American Revolution

16 Constitution and American Government

17 The New Republic

18 The Jeffersonian Era

19 Industrial Revolution

20 Age of Jackson

21 Manifest Destiny and Westward Migration

22 Immigration Culture and Reform

23 Antebellum America – The Causes of the Civil War

24 The Civil War The War Between the States

25 Reconstruction

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