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'Regular and Irregular Verbs'.

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1 'Regular and Irregular Verbs'.
        THE PAST SIMPLE: 'Regular and Irregular Verbs'. CELIA ORTIZ MARIN - English Grammar  Curso 2011/12 

2 USE of the PAST SIMPLE: Examples:
Actions that started and finished in the past. Actions that happened one after the other in the past (like in a story). With the Past Continuous to refer to a short action that interrupts a longer one. Examples: I didn't go to the beach last Sunday.  I went into the disco and I saw my favourite girl, then I ... The TV broke when she was watching the football match.                         Check your grammar ...

3 Form of the Past Simple Let's watch this video...
We add the suffix -ed in + sentences. She played the violin very well.  We use DID or DIDN'T in - or ? sentences. She didn't play the violin very well. Did she play the violin very well? When aswering: Yes, she did/ No, she didn't. In the past simple, ALL SUBJECTS HAVE GOT THE SAME VERB!!! Let's watch this video...

4 Regular & Irregular Verbs: Functions
There are regular and irregular verbs in the past simple. Regular verbs are those ending in -ed and irregular verbs are those that we have to study from this list. The Verb 'TO BE' I He/ She/ It POSITIVE    WAS              NEGATIVE WAS NOT WASN'T INTERROGATIVE WAS I/ He/ She...? We/ You/ They WERE WERE NOT WEREN'T WERE We/ You/ They ...?

5 Spelling of the ending -ed
Exceptions in spelling when adding -ed Examples after a final e only add d love- loved final consonant after a short, stressed vowel or l as final consonant after a vowel is doubled admit- admitted travel- travelled final y after a consonant becomes i hurry- hurried

6 Past Time Expressions     Yesterday, the day before yesterday, the other day... Last night, last week, last year, last week, last month... Last summer, autumn, winter, spring... Last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ... The last time you called ... Two days ago, a week ago, 5 years ago... In 1999, in October, in the summer... At seven o'clock, at midnight, in the evening...

7 Useful TIPS for the study of Irregular Verbs
Your task: Classify the verbs list in your notebook                 in 3 groups as follows ... NO CHANGE (tres formas iguales) 2 DIFFERENT FORMS (dos formas diferentes) 3 DIFFERENT FORMS (tres formas diferentes) *Use this structure in all groups: Infinitive    Past Simple   PasParticiple       Meaning     be               was/were              been                  ser/estar  Watch out because there are also Confusing verbs on the list!!!

8 Pronunciation of the -ed ending Regular verbs
 /t/= -sh, -ch, -s, -x, -k, -p ...  /d/= -r, -m, -n, -b, -v, ... /id/= -d, -t, -y painted    dance    arrived   jumped   laughed   discovered  lived           selected     watched     helped    started   listened   remembered  stopped  looked   waited  wanted  visited        called      reached      decided answered          invited Classify these verbs and CHECK!!!  /d/                 /t/                 /id/

9 'Regular and Irregular Verbs'.
        THE PAST SIMPLE: 'Regular and Irregular Verbs'.

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