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Recipes for Technology Integration Linda L. Mills Greensburg Community Schools

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1 Recipes for Technology Integration Linda L. Mills Greensburg Community Schools

2 Ingredients needed… Library media specialist Teachers Technology Supportive administrators Students Standards

3 Blend these all together and what do you get? Collaboration! Higher achieving students! Happy administrators! Contented teachers/lms!

4 To blend well, you must plan: Anytime Anywhere Formally Informally BUT make sure you write it down!

5 Primary Ingredient Know the standards Use the website ( icstandards.html ) icstandards.html Combine standards

6 Secondary Ingredients Computer labs Computers in classroom Camcorders Scanners Digital cameras SmartBoards AlphaSmarts Books/Magazines Programs

7 AlphaSmarts? Portable keyboards Other names Writing Math problems Keyboarding






13 SmartBoards? Internet Writing Games Presentations Demonstrations US/Ed+Resource/Lesson+Activities/default.htm US/Ed+Resource/Lesson+Activities/default.htm



16 Digital Cameras? Field trips Student pictures Wanted posters Writing prompts Place/positions

17 Learning and Leading with Technology ( ISTE publication)

18 Programs Inspiration/Kidspiration Kid Pix Scholastic Keys Graph Club TimeLiner Any word processor Any spreadsheet

19 Kindergarten Patterns Numbers Alphabet Writing simple stories



22 K.1.14 match all consonant sounds to appropriate letters

23 K.1.6 Recognize and name all capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet

24 Alphabet book made by class LA K.1.4, K.1.18,

25 I see a snowman. He is big! My snowman has a black hat. AJ K.4.5 Write by moving from left to right and from top to bottom K.4.2 Tell a story that the teacher or some other person will write.

26 First Grade Tools Plants Compound words Maps Nutrition Compound Words Turkeys

27 Tool book

28 Identifying parts of plants

29 1.1.16 Read and understand simple compound words and contractions.

30 Standards: LA1.6.2 (using complete sentences)

31 S.S. 1.3.7 Draw simple maps that show how land is included in the school and local community.



34 Math 1.2.3 Show equivalent forms of the same number.


36 Math 1.5.7 Identify and give the values of pennies, nickels, and dimes.


38 Graphic Organizators Standards: LA1.5.1 organizing stories 1.4.2 Use various organizational strategies to plan writing



41 Where we live

42 Internet sites Clifford the Big Red Dog Jan Brett http://www.janbrett.com Polar Express

43 Tooth Unit Ingredients –First grade class –Teacher and media specialist –Online collaboration with other classes –Global Schoolnet

44 Process –Do K-W-L chart on teeth –Research the tooth –Draw tooth in Kid Pix –Graph how many teeth lost each month, compare it to the other schools involved –Read about the tooth fairy –Draw the tooth fairy; keep researching teeth


46 1.4.2 Use various organizational strategies to plan writing.

47 Authors Examples Eric Carle Helen Lester Norman Bridwell

48 Variations Art teacher talked about Carles art style Create caterpillars structured on Carles art work Students write using AlphaSmarts to create author books

49 Read and discuss The Very Hungry Caterpillar Explore graphs Graph what the caterpillar ate Create individual student graphs in lab Use different graph forms


51 Helen Lester Read Tacky the Penguin books Discuss penguins with class Bring penguin books in; discuss table of contents, and index Determine a list of questions Do research and take notes on sticky notes





56 Second Grade Describing words Biographies Goods Urban, Rural Long Ago Animals Graphing Venn Diagrams Math

57 Standards: LA1.5.4 using describing words

58 Standards: SS 1.5.2 famous people and LA1.1.5 writing stories

59 S.S. 2.3.2 Identify community workers who provide goods and services.



62 S.S. 2.1.1 Listen to historical stories and compare daily life in the past and present.


64 More projects Penguins Snakes Spiders Landforms Landmarks Solar System

65 Continents Ingredients All second grades Teachers and library media specialist Lots of books about the continents, countries, folktales Large maps


67 Third Grade Adjectives Systems of the Body Simple Machines Biomes (rainforest, deserts, oceans, caves, polar regions, ponds, forests



70 6 +1 Writing Trait: Descriptive words

71 Learned how to take notes Reviewed table of contents and index Learned how to use online encyclopedias Learned how to find books on Alex Drew pictures of their animals Printed pictures of animals Wrote and corrected paragraphs on animals rary rary

72 Deserts Ingredients Teacher and library media specialist Desert books Cactus books Discuss life cycle of a cactus Kidspiration

73 Fourth Grade Historical Fiction Animal Groups Animal books/online encyclopedia Scientists How to writing

74 Organization writing


76 Fifth Grade Colonial occupations Lewis and Clark Space Second oneSpaceSecond one INSPIRE

77 WebQuests Internet activity or paper and pencil Student centered Research Higher level thinking Bernie Dodge Snakes Insects

78 Using the Web for research: Online encyclopedias INSPIRE My web site ibrary ibrary Other kid search engines Other sites

79 Over 2 dozen databases with: Thousands of magazines and journals with full-text Hundreds of newspapers from around the U.S. Material for students in elementary school in INSPIRE Kids and junior high and high school in the Student Research CenterINSPIRE Kids.

80 Need to teach students to: Evaluate sites How to be safe on the Internet How to choose keywords How to not plagiarize

81 Remember------ Know your standards Think about standards Know your curriculum Think about curriculum Investigate technology Learn technology

82 Remember Work with others Work with your media specialist Read magazines, books, etc. Visit other schools Go to conferences And most of all--------

83 Have fun using technology! You and your students will enjoy learning together.

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