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You Are Here X.

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1 You Are Here X

2 MAPS A representation of the physical features of an area
Reference Point – a fixed place on Earth’s surface from which direction and location can be described Cardinal Direction – north, south, east, west

3 Locations Latitude – The distance north or south of the equator; lines of latitude measure north or south but run east to west Longitude – The distance east or west of the prime meridian; lines of longitude measure east or west but run north and south

4 Topographic Maps

5 Earth's Topography Topographic map- a map that shows surface features or topography Elevation- the height of an object above sea level

6 Elements of Elevation Contour Lines- lines that connect points of equal elevation Contour interval- the difference between contour lines

7 Gimme Some Relief Relief- the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points of the area being mapped Index contour- a darker, heavier contour line that is labeled by elevation

8 Contour Lines The Golden Rules Contour lines never cross
The spacing of contour lines depends on slope characteristics Contour lines that cross a valley or stream are V shaped The tops of hills, mountains, and depressions are shown by closed circles.

9 Your Turn Using the topographic provided, locate the following.
Hendersonville (Latitude and Longitude) An index contour, what is the elevation? Carl Sandburg Home (Latitude and Longitude) Apple Valley Middle School What is the elevation? Name one of the streams located around Apple Valley. Is this a tributary? How do you know? How would you describe the relief of the area around the school? How do topographic maps help us understand watersheds?

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