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Wave, Sound, and Light Review

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1 Wave, Sound, and Light Review

2 Vocabulary Prepare the following vocabulary words.
Wave, Sound, Longitudinal Wave, Transverse Wave, Medium, Frequency, Wavelength, Crest, Trough, Amplitude, Wave Speed, Reflect, Wave Speed, Refract, Compression, Rarefaction Review your cards; Are they in your own words? Do you have a picture?

3 Waves Directed Reading Chapter 20 Section 1
Waves transfer ___________________. Some waves need something to travel through. It is called a _____________________. When you make waves using a Slinky, what is the medium that the wave is traveling through? You are playing the radio in a car a full volume holding a cold can of pop. What are all of the mediums that the sound travels through? How do you know?

4 Waves Continued… Draw and label a Transverse Wave.
Draw and label a Longitudinal Wave. Do all waves need a medium? Explain.

5 Frequency, Amplitude, Wave Length, and Wave Speed Directed Reading Chapter 20 Section 2
What is frequency? What is wavelength? What is amplitude?

6 EM Spectrum Directed Reading Chapter 22 Section 2
What wave property is used to divide the EM Spectrum. Are EM Waves Tansverse or Longitudinal? Explain Do EM waves need a medium? Explain Where does all of the energy that the Earth uses come from?

7 Sound Science Court: Sound Directed Reading Chapter 21 Sections 1 and 2
What kind of wave does Sound make? Transverse or Longitudinal. Explain. Why does sound need a medium? How does sound react to different mediums? Describe how sound travels. Use of these words Vibrate/vibration, media/medium, particles, energy, wave.

8 Light: Reflection and Refraction Directed Reading Chapter 22 Section 3 Light Lab Bill Nye: Light Optics Give some examples of reflection. Give some examples of refraction. Reflect=___________ Refract=_________ What does Roy G Biv stand for?

9 Pictures and Diagrams

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