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Hosted by Mrs. Dempsey 100 200 400 300 400 Mass Movement Water Erosion Glaciers What am I? 300 200 400 200 100 500 100.

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2 Hosted by Mrs. Dempsey

3 Mass Movement Water Erosion Glaciers What am I?

4 Row 1, Col 1 What causes all types of mass movements? Gravity

5 1,2 What are the two main sources of sediment that rivers and stream carry? runoff and mass movement/

6 1,3 Name one place in the USA that you could find a valley glacier. Name one places you could find a continental in the Northern Hemisphere.

7 1,4 I am a mixture of sediments directly deposited on the surface by a glacier. What am I called when I am found along the side of a glacier? Till/ moraine

8 Give three examples of mass movements caused by gravity. Describe one of the three.

9 2,2 What is the difference between kinetic and potential energy? What happens to kinetic and potential energy as gravity pulls water down a slope? Potential is changed to kinetic

10 2,3 Suppose you are a geologist studying a valley glacier. What evidence might you find to prove the glacier is retreating?

11 2,4 I am what made Walden Pond. How was I formed? Kettle Lake

12 3,1 Name 4 types of mass movements Creep, slump, landslide, mudslide

13 3,2 Wide-slope of sediment formed when a stream leaves a mountain range? Name another landform created in this manner Alluvial fan/delta

14 3,3 What is it? Is it formed by erosion or deposition? See pic

15 3,4 I was once a a U-shaped valley but as sea-levels rose, I filled in w/ water. Name one country that has these landforms to receive the daily double. Fjord

16 4,1 What is sediment? Place the following sediment In order from smallest to largest: boulder, clay, pebbles, sand Material moved by erosion/ clay, sand, pebbles, boulders

17 4,2 Where a stream curves, in what part of the stream does the water erode its banks fastest? Explain why On the outside because the water moves fastest there compared to the inside curve.

18 4,3 What agent of erosion do you think caused this to happen? Do you think erosion or deposition is responsible?

19 4,4 I am also known as the Missouri river, a river that feeds into the Mississippi Tributary

20 5,1 What 3 agents of erosion are assisted by the force of gravity Glaciers and moving water, gravity itself also caused mass movement is also an agent.

21 5,2 Describe how gravity creates features through the course of a river, starting at the rivers source. Give three examples beginning at the rivers source. Delta, oxbow, meander, waterfall

22 5,3 Identify 2 features of glaciers formed by erosion and two by deposition. Cirques(E),aretes (E) /Moraine(D), kettles(D)

23 5,4 You can find me in a cave hanging from the ceiling. What am I made from? What type of weathering caused me to form? Be specific DD Stalactite/limestone(calcite)/ chemical

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