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Investigating Chromosomal Abnormalities

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1 Investigating Chromosomal Abnormalities
Karyotype Investigating Chromosomal Abnormalities

2 Karyotype Mitosis is stopped at metaphase
Cells are stained with chemicals that reveal banding patterns in the chromosomes Geneticists match up chromosome pairs to identify abnormalities

3 Chromosomal Abnormalities
A karyotype may reveal missing, extra or broken chromosomes Some abnormalities have little impact on a person’s life Some abnormalities can affect growth and development (physical and or mental) Severe abnormalities may cause death at a very early age.

4 Trisomy 21 – Downs Syndrome

5 Trisomy 13 – Patau Syndrome

6 Turner Syndrome - only 1 X chromosome (females only)

7 Kleinefelter Syndrome – XXY (males only)

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