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Virtual Field Trips Linda L. Mills Library Media Specialist Greensburg Elementary School Greensburg, IN

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1 Virtual Field Trips Linda L. Mills Library Media Specialist Greensburg Elementary School Greensburg, IN

2 What are Virtual Field Trips? Virtual Field Trips are explorations through the Web, typically an organized set of links with a particular theme.

3 Virtual Field Trips vs Real Field Trips--Similarities Both are group activities in which kids interact with each other Both involve active rather than passive learning Both take the students out of the classroom mentally and into a different learning environment

4 Virtual Field Trips vs Real Field Trips--Differences VFT can be repeated over and over Dont need a bus Free up teachers time from scheduling Students can move at their own pace and depth Students can go places that they could not go on a bus Lack the sensory experience of real Are safe and free from hazards Can tap into more expert resources on a single topic

5 Benefits of Virtual Field Trip Organize the chaos of the web into units Make efficient use of class time Can be pre-screened Can be individualized for student learning Stimulates imagination and exploration Save teachers hours of research time Are less expensive Are not weather dependent Can be shared globally Take you to locations that are always open

6 Using Virtual Field Trips Questions to Consider How many students will be going on this trip? One computer per student Groups of students on several computers One computer per classroom/use with SmartBoard

7 Using Virtual Field Trips Questions to Consider Does it fit your standards? If you are using a pre-made field trip, check it out to make sure it fits If you are making your own, you can tailor it to fit your standards Indiana standards link: ome.html ome.html

8 Using Virtual Field Trips Questions to Consider How do you verify the integrity of the material you are using? Make sure the content is accurate Make sure the author is an expert Make sure the information is current Make sure the information is relevant to what you want to learn

9 Web Site Addresses of trips Titantic mes.cgi?tour_id=14438 mes.cgi?tour_id=14438 The Globe Theatre mes.cgi?tour_id=13995 mes.cgi?tour_id=13995 Simple Machines mes.cgi?tour_id=13341 mes.cgi?tour_id=13341

10 Web Site Addresses of trips Virtual Cave e.html e.html The White House Antarctica /Students/ginny/antarctica/index.html /Students/ginny/antarctica/index.html

11 Portals to Virtual Field Trips The Virtual Schoolhouse Utah Department of Education Yahoo / / Volcano World The Teacher Guide l l An Introduction to Electronic Field Trips

12 Evaluation of Web Sites-- Sources Critical Evaluation of a Web Site Teaching Zach to Think tml tml Critical Evaluation Survey: Virtual Tours evaltour.html evaltour.html

13 How do you assess the learning? Try rubrics to assess the Ready Made Rubrics Rubrics Library rch.php?keywords=rubrics&sitesearch=1&in =tv_all rch.php?keywords=rubrics&sitesearch=1&in =tv_all Rubistar

14 Integration of Virtual Field Trip Know your curriculum Know your standards Use trip as you would any other learning project Use small groups Use whole class instruction for elementary

15 Three Categories of Trips Trips that utilize existing web resources and visits other web sites. Unlike a book, it invites exploration beyond the cover. when students see links, they can follow them to continue exploration into other sites. arts/poetic.htm arts/poetic.htm http://can- http://can-

16 Three Categories of Trips The majority of the trip content is created by the trip developer. This type can be great if youre doing a small number of trips, but are very time consuming to create.

17 Examples of trips /aqtour.htm /aqtour.htm ture/ ture/ n/slum n/slum

18 Three Categories of Trips Expeditions that have students interact with on-site explorers often in remote and/or exotic locations and extend over a period of time. Students may post questions, read daily journal entries, and have interaction between the classroom and the live site. Usually there is a fee. s/fp_education.html s/fp_education.html

19 Virtual Field Trips with fees

20 Field Trip Sites explorer explorer

21 Find Museums Online This site will help you find any museum online. You can search for the links to the museums by specialty, geography, and other categories.

22 Some Sites to Visit

23 Index or hub sites These sites provide collections of links that you can browse through to find other V- trips destinations. These sites differ from sites referred to as portals because they dont have content other than a collection of links.

24 The Big Pocket Guide to Creating Virtual Field Trips Kim Foley http://www.field- http://www.field-

25 Tool for Creating Virtual Field Trips This program is called TourMaker and has a FREE Trial Version here.

26 Making trips with TourMaker Ease of navigation Online expert guidance Story-like structure Spirit of exploration Random and sequential access Printable itinerary High speed connection Multi-platform/Multi-browser compatibility

27 Considerations when creating Who is your audience? What are their ages? What is your field trip topic? What criteria will you use to select the field trip sites that you visit? (site layout, navigation, load time, age level, integrity, longevity, ads) What is your method? Will you need to get permission to use images and content?

28 Web Cams Tommys List of Live Cams Live Discovery Cams Live Cams Worldwide Leonards Cam World ml ml

29 Other links to try My web site has several hyperlink handouts with sites to use to find places to take electronic field trips rary/index.htm rary/index.htm

30 Other Useful Resources Collection of educational resources Internet Search Tools Thinkquest Tapped In SafeKids.Com--Family Contract for Online Safety

31 Other sites to use to search KidsClick!!/!/ Blue Webn Yahooligans Discovery School Ask Jeeves for Kids Awesome Library Kids Search Tools Great Sites ng.html ng.html

32 General reference Internet Public Library http://www.ipl.org Library Spot http://www.libraryspot.com Inspire http://www.inspire-Indiana.net Indiana Department of Education Britannica Encyclopedia Xrefer http://www.xrefer.com Index to the Internet http://www.lii.org

33 Copyright Hal Davidson 230/copyright/ 230/copyright/ Copyright citations 20Resources.PDF 20Resources.PDF Carol Simpson

34 All that is left---- Think about your standards Choose a topic or topics Research your sites Put your trip together Try it out yourself Use it with your students Evaluate

35 Have fun!

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